Claror, more than fitness

We support Saint John of God and the fight against childhood cancer

27 in June, 2017

Today we have visited theHospital of San Juan de Dios taking advantage of the delivery ceremony of what we collected from the inscriptions to the mill. Among all, athletes and brightness, we have achieved a contribution of 3.325 euros, which added to the 2.500 euros of the collaboration of the "Obra Social La Caixa with the Mile has rounded off a magnificent figure at 5.825 euros.
Despite many money, they are far from what is needed for the construction of the Pediatric Cancer Center Hospital, a center that will be a pioneer in the research and treatment of childhood cancer. The truth is that walking through the Hospital you realize the great and good work that is being done, so we encourage everyone that, as far as possible, adds to the campaign #paralvalientes which seeks to obtain the necessary funding to build this new children's cancer hospital.
Photo foot
From left to right, Kilian Martinez, director of the Sagrada Familia Store of La Caixa; Ester Benach, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Claror; Núria Borràs, executive director of Claror; Emmanuelle Perrier, Obra Social Infància de Sant Joan de Déu and Ferrn Villar, director of the Caixabank Sagrada Familia Business Unit

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