Milla Sagrada Familia

    La Milla Sagrada Família presents a luxury poster with Mechaal, Merzougui, Alcalá, Guerrero, Pereira and Mas

    3 May, 2018

    This year the mid-level benchmarking race in Catalonia is on the way

    The 34a Milla Sagrada Familia, organized by the Claror Foundation, presents the poster of professional athletes that will participate this year at the 16è Gran Premi Gaudí Sport.
    The athletic race, which will take place Sunday 6 May Just in front of the Sagrada Familia temple, it will bring together professionals such as Adel Mechaal, Abdelaziz Merzougui and Marc Alcalá, in a male category; and Esther Guerrero, Solange Pereira and Montse Mas in women's category, among others. Check the complete listing here.
    The presentation of the poster took place 24 Tuesdays in April at the Eixample District Plenary Hall, and was attended by Jordi Matas, Technical Adviser of the District of the Eixample; Núria Borràs, Director of the Mile; Montse Mas and Khalid Oughzif, athletes of the Grand Prix Gaudí Sport and Maite Golmayo, AFANOC spokesman.
    La Milla, organized by the Claror Foundation from 1985, has more than 30 years of history. The race is developed around the temple of the Sagrada Familia and is structured in different series depending on the ages of the participants. La Milla is distinguished from the other urban races due to the high participation that has its edition after edition and has been consolidated as one of the most representative tests of the city, both in terms of popular and professional participation.
    Jordi Matas, Technical Adviser of the Eixample district, thanked the "confidence of the Claror group with the neighborhood of the Sagrada Família", as well as the work of social cohesion that the entity makes in order to "promote the values ​​of the "Sport and leisure among the citizens" of the district.
    New route on Mallorca Street
    The race, which consists of a tour of 1.609 meters, launches this year a new circuit on Carrer Mallorca, between the streets of Sicily and Lepant. Arrival and departure will be at the same point on Mallorca Street with Sardinia.
    Following the increase in security measures in the vicinity of the Sagrada Familia church, the organization has been forced to change the usual route. As a novelty, it is a double-stroke circuit with fewer slopes that are expected to be faster. Also, the director of the Mile, Nuria Borràs, wanted to emphasize the increase in visibility by the attending public who will have the race thanks to the double-decker tour.
    Good level of athletes in the professional series
    Representatives of elite athletes attended the ceremony Montse Mas and Khalid Oughzif. Both agreed to emphasize the good level of athletes that will participate in the races of the Mile.
    For his part Montse Mas, stressed that La Milla is a race "in which the emotion is kept to the end", and that the change of circuit of that year could "take surprises on the podium." Athlete Khalid Oughzif was optimistic and highlighted the "great quality of all the competitors that take part this year", with a great poster of half prepared funders.
    Jointly registered with the Association of Children with Cancer
    La Milla will allocate this year its charitable enrollment in La Casa del Xuklis, a home for families with children with cancer, managed by the AFANOC (Association of Children with Cancer). Maite Golmayo, an AFANOC spokesman, explained that the Xuklis House aims to be a place where children feel welcomed and included with their family. With more than 7 years of history, the Xuklis House has supported thousands of families with children with cancer altruistically.
    AFANOC spokeswoman thanked La Milla for the involvement of the solidarity body, and wanted to emphasize the values ​​that assimilate them with sport as the desire to overcome.

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