34a Sagrada Familia Mile - Grand Prix Gaudí SPORT

Adel Mechaal and Solange Pereira impose themselves on the 16è Gran Gaudí Sport Prize

7 May, 2018

The 34 edition of La Milla has been marked by the premiere of the new circuit and the insistent rain during the whole morning

The New Balance Team athlete, Adel Mechaal and Solange Pereira, from the Valencia Esport team, have been awarded in the male and female professional categories of the Gaudí Sport Grand Prix of the 34 edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile, which organizes the The Claror Foundation, which was held this morning in front of the temple of La
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Adel Mechaal (4: 11) was the first of the podium followed by little difference from Marc Alcalà (4: 13) and Spencer Thomas (4: 13), who have held second and third positions respectively.
The winner, Adel Mechaal, was pleased with the new victory and maintaining the leadership of the race, where last year beat the 4 time record: 03.
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Solange Pereira retrieves the first podium
Solange Pereira, from the Valencia Sports team, regains the first place of the podium at the Gaudí Sport Grand Prix, which last year was unable to participate. The athlete who had already won the 2012 races on 2016 regains leadership this year with a time of 4: 47.
They accompanied him on the podium Esther Guerrero, from New Balance Team, second (4: 51), followed by Beth Kidger, from the Brighton Phoenix team, with one of 4: 52.
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This year, the Holy Family Mile premiered a new circuit on Mallorca street, with a double turn between the streets of Sicily and Lepant. Despite the rain in the morning, athletes were satisfied with the new route.
Possible thanks to all the collaborators
34a Milla Sagrada Familia has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of AR Motors KIA, Odontquality, Saunier Duval, Obra Social La Caixa and Nutrisport; and to El Periódico, Sport, Catalunya Ràdio i Esports 3 as official means.
Also, he has had the collaboration of Volunteers 2000 and the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. All of this, in addition, with the support of the Barcelona City Council.

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