Chronicle of the Holy Family Mile 2019

The Holy Family Mile celebrates its 35 edition on a morning of activities full of sport and solidarity

6 May, 2019

Yesterday was celebrated 35 edition of the La Milla Sagrada Familia race, a race of 1.609 meters that it organizes Claror Foundation from the 1985, considered one of the best urban miles of Catalonia and Spain.

The morning began with low temperatures and wind, which was giving way to a clear and sunny sky in the middle of the morning giving a truce to 1.400 athletes who participated this year in the different categories.

Thomas Spencer and Esther Guerrero are in charge of the Gaudí Sport Grand Prix

The GBR athlete, Thomas Spencer and Esther Guerrero, from the New Balance team, won the professional male and female categories of the Gaudí Sport Grand Prix of the 35 edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile, organized by the Claror Foundation, which took place yesterday at 12h and 12: 15h in front of the Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona.

The British Thomas Spencer (4: 16) was the first of the podium followed by 1 second of difference for Llorenç Sales (4: 17) and Jesús Gómez (4: 18), who occupied the second and third positions respectively.

The swimwear Esther Guerrero, from the New Balance Team and champion of this 2019 of 1.500 meters in the indoor Championship of Spain, recovered the first position of the podium of the Grand Prix Gaudí Sport (4: 51), a competition in which the year past was second.

In second position of the professional female category Zoya Maumov, 800 absolute Spain champion on the indoor track, who reached the 3 goal afterwards (4: 54), followed by Beth Kidger, of the Brighton Phoenix team, with a time of 4: 55.

Check the classification of Full Gaudí Sport Grand Prix>

Check the classification of Full Gaudí Sport Women's Grand Prix>

Great success of participation and public

This year, La Milla repeated the circuit that was modified in the 2018 year, due to security requirements, and passing through Carrer Mallorca, between the streets of Sicily and Lepant, in a double turn. The popular series of the Sagrada Familia Mile gathered in this route near 1.300 participating athletes and consolidates a year more like the urban mile par excellence of Catalonia, with a wide popular participation in all categories.

To view the ratings, access the following links:

As for the popular series, La Milla released one new family series, That's why parents and children under the age of 9 were together, and that it was a success of participation in which families passed it from there.

A category specially designed for those involved in neighborhood families in recreational and sports activities that promote social cohesion and healthy lifestyle habits.

Morning activities for all ages

In addition to the races, there was a large influx of participants in the parallel activities there village, located on the street Sardenya, like the children's gymkhana and the activities and competitions of commercial tents.

Likewise, the Body Balance, Body Attack and Zumba Family fitness masters were also held, which also brought together participants from 10: 30h in the morning to 13: 30h.

In solidarity with the project "From the Hospital to the Cathedral"

All the registration of the Mile and the Masters of Fitness celebrated yesterday will be destined entirely to the project "From the hospital to the cathedral" driven by Xavi Vallès Revilla, a cancer patient.

The project aims to collect the more than 40.000 euros that the Vall d'Hebrón Research Institute needs to finance a clinical research on children's brain tumors; One of the types of tumors with the highest mortality rate and which has less resources for research.

Precisely for his support for the project "From the Hospital to the Cathedral", this year the Mile has been awarded by the City Council of Barcelona with the Prize "Run by Commitment". If you want to know more, click here.

Thanks to all the collaborators

The 35a Milla Sagrada Familia has been able to carry out thanks to the sponsorship ofOdontquality, Nutrisport, Obra Social La Caixa i Volunteers 2000. Thanks, however, to the collaborating media: El Periódico, Deporte y Deportes 3 (TV3) and with the usual support of theAjuntament de Barcelona.

The Claror Group thus demonstrates its commitment to the Sagrada Familia neighborhood once again, as well as the social cohesion task carried out by the entity in order to promote the values ​​of sport and leisure among the citizens of the district.

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