Revolve your training with Matrix

The machines Matrix They adapt to your features, with screens that allow you to personalize your workout to the fullest and with which you will experience unique experiences.

7xi (Cargo)

The 7xi series machines are not just consoles; they are an experience:

+ connectivity

· Touch screen on all cardio machines, with an exclusive application interface.
· Access to your training, social networks and other applications while you train.
· You can see the weather forecast, check Facebook or twitter, or watch videos on YouTube.
· Play your own music and audio content by connecting your smartphone or tablet.
· Access more than 400 music videos and customize your favorite lists.

+ entertainment

· Active Virtual Experience: virtual routes with motion vision and high definition.
· Television programming: watch your favorite series and documentaries through the Netflix application.

Relation of cargo machines:

3 elliptic variable step Ascent A7xi
3 elliptic EXTREME
7 tapes T7xi
1 stepper S7xi
5 reclining bicycles R7xi
3 vertical bikes U7xi
3 rems
1 krankcycle

ULTRA (Strength)

The latest trend in bodybuilding training

· Powerful and comfortable at the same time. It redefines ergonomics, increases comfort and improves operation.
· Support for accessories (bottles, towels) on all machines.
· Automatic counter of repetitions and rest time.
· Tracking of online training.
· Exercise schemes of how to properly use the machine and identify muscle groups.

Relationship of bodybuilding machines:
1 Diverging Seated
1 Pectoral Fly
1 Converging Shoulder Press
1 Leg Press
1 Seated Leg Curl
1 Diverging Lat Pulldown
1 Hip Abduction
1 Triceps Press
2 Leg Extension
2 Converging Chest Press
1 Hip Adduction
1 Lateral Raise
1 Independent Biceps Curl
1 Glute

Functional Training (ULTRA)
1 Functional Trainers
1 Adjustable Crossover Cable
4-Stack Multi-Station
1 Squaw Lunge
1 Dip Chin Assist

MAGNUM (free weight)

Ergonomics and comfort come together for better training

· Adjustable
· Designed to be comfortable while providing movement with a natural and mechanically correct feeling.
· Wide variety of machines to cover your training needs.

Relation of free weight material:
1 Olympic Inclined Bank
1 Bank declining Olympic
1 Olympic plan bench
1 Bank of plan A inclined horizontal adjustment
1 is with 2 buckets
1 bank back extension
1 is squat
1 curl of knees
1 leg press

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