At Llinars Sports we help you find a partner to play paddle or tennis

2 April, 2012

Llinars Sports is still betting on racket sports and now it has a space on its Facebook page where you can publish your ad to find a paddle or tennis partner.

You just have to follow the Facebook Facebook Llinars Sports and visit the section on the left menu that you put "Tennis or paddle pair". There you can leave your ad indicating the schedule that is best for you and your level of play. Then you will only have to wait for someone to answer you to schedule and stay.

Paddle pad

Llinars del Vallès's Sports launches one paddle pad to offer all the information possible to the practitioners of this racket sport. In this blog you will find schedules, prices, calendars, news, promotions, results of championships, photos and much more.

The goal of this blog is to become a virtual meeting point for paddle lovers. We hope that among all, enjoy it and enrich it with your contributions.

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