Gabriel Domingo, CEO of Claror

«We do not skimp on the service and we make a price adjusted»

16 September, 2013

If you are thinking of joining a fitness center and do not know what to choose, Claror will remind you that we give you much more than the rest, especially the centers low cost. Gabriel Domingo, CEO of the Claror Foundation, tells you in this video why we give you more!

You can also read below the article published in the journal Claror number 81

Let's not skimp!

Are you willing to fly with an airline that has had to make several emergency landings in recent months to have adjusted too much the amount of fuel that it charges on airplanes?

Some airlines called low-cost airlines have gone too far, putting the integrity of their customers at risk. Everyone who has a legitimate low cost phenomenon can be dangerous, if it is confusing in low service. In other words, reduce the price by scrimping essential services.
This fashion comes now in the field of fitness in Barcelona, ​​the third city in the world in terms of sports practice by its inhabitants, and an international benchmark for having created a model of sports centers of the highest level that They allow you to enjoy top quality services for just over forty euros per month.
More than thirty years ago, our city enjoys what the low cost centers now want to offer as a great novelty: free access to sports spaces. And in this time we have made a step forward because when we go to the gym today we are looking for something more than accessing spaces with sports equipment. We want to experience pleasant experiences, to be emotional and to make us feel better and more healthy, as people and with other people. And we like to be accompanied by an excellent professional team that is at our service and that with our classes, training programs and tips, makes our personal challenge more challenging and profitable with physical activity.
You are willing to change these experiences for a gym without personnel or with a minimum staff and know what work regime you know about, with no safety and hygiene and customer service policies, without a recognized approval, where you have spared so much the service that has to be paid for anything?
At the Claror Foundation, we have reinforced our commitment in recent years because the service to our centers is, for each client, more and more valuable, while still offering prices that are really affordable and all inclusive. And non-profit.

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