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3 in June, 2019

At Claror we are committed to the improvement of the environment, so we carry out initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of ours clubs.

This month of June takes place World Environment Day and the European Week of Energy.

At Claror we think it is a good opportunity to explain our initiatives in the field of sustainability and to add forces to the environment. As of 5 in June, World Environment Day, we will be sharing initiatives that we carry out in Clubs and the way you can adapt them to your day to day.

We will also know the experience of the adventurer Albert Bosch, who has managed to make his two passions - sport and nature - a life project to achieve a more sustainable future. The talk will take place at Can Caralleu, the Thursday 6 June at 10:00 a.m.. Free subscriptions reserving place by means of the following form>

And the 19 in June, at the end of the European Week of Sustainable Energy we open the Claror Cartagena to explain through guided tours and practical workshops energy efficiency measures. The visit can be done in the family, and for the little ones in the house we will have a dynamic corner of stories. To finish the day with a lot of energy, we will do one master of zumba where we will meet little and big! Registration is free and can be done at the club reception, at committed athletes o by registering at the following link>

The activity is co-organized with the Sacred Family Family Room, the Sagrada Familia Library - Josep Maria Ainaud de Lasarte and La Fàbrica del Sol.

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