Can Caralleu, your sports club in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

End the year with energy! Here are a lot of proposals for this December

3 of December, 2018

In Can Caralleu we propose a lot of free activities to do this month of December:

Picking up toys
Support for the Red Cross Youth
From the 3 22 December
Toys must be new, educational, non-warlike and non-sexist.

Open Doors of Swimming
From the 10 16 December
For mothers and parents to see the evolution of their children | Schedule of the courses

Healthy cakes workshop with Cocas Locas
Thursdays 13 from December to 19h
Preparation of cakes for snacks and Christmas desserts.
Free for subscribers | Reservation of place to the reserve totem 'Events'

Santa's Christmas chocolatada
In the Sports Schools schedule | Free for students

Special Christmas and New Year Schedule
Reduced grill from 22 December to 6 January
The 25 and 26 days of December, 1 and 6 in January the club will be closed
The 24 and 31 days of December and 5 of January are closed at 16h and there are no directed activities

Masters of Christmas
Wear a new toy!
Free | Place reservation at the totem of activities the same day

Monday 17 of December
7.45h Aiguafitness | Bárbara | Blue Pool
9.30h Aiguagim | Bárbara | Green Pool
12h Aiguadolça | Emma | Green Pool
18.10h Step | Noemí | Room 1

Tuesday 18 of December
18.15h Zumba | Beli | Room 1

Wednesday 19 of December
10.30h Zumba | Esteban | Room 1
18.40h Indoor Walking Tribute to Queen | Guillem | Room IW

Thursdays 20 of December
8.30h Water Tabb. | Gemma | Green Pool
9.30h Indoor Walking Tribute to Queen Natàlia | Room IW
9.30h Aiguafitness | Youssef | Blue Pisicin
11.30h Senior Social Ball | Beli | Room 1

Friday 21 of December
8.30h Aiguadolça | Emma | Green Pool
9.30h Aiguazumba | Bárbara | Green Pool
9.15h HIIT (High intensity) | Esteban | Room 1

Saturday 22 of December
10.15h Spining HIIT | Sara | Room SP

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