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For the right of children to play, collect toys at Claror Cartagena

5 of December, 2018

One more year Claror Cartagena supports the Red Cross Youth because this Christmas for a child of Catalonia is left without a toy. So it's worth making a letter or not.
In our country, thousands of children live in a situation of serious vulnerability and want to help the Magi because they also go through their homes.
So we collect toys in Claror Cartagena until December 22. If you are encouraged, keep in mind that toys should be new, educational, non-warlike and non-sexist.
In addition, we have organized some Masters of Christmas, in which we invite you to take a toy to participate:
Wednesday 12 of December
19: 30h Master of spining
Friday 14 of December
10.30h Sh'bam | Pavilion
19.00h Zumba family | Pavilion
To attend these activities there is no need to reserve a place for piracy You need to bring a new toy and deliver it to the technician.
Thank you for your support!

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