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Casals, esplais and campuses: how to help our children to choose

8 April, 2020

In these lines we will try to give you some tools that help you make the choice easier, which we should not forget that ultimately it must be of them and them.

The registration dates for the houses, esplais and campus are near and it is a good time to ask us the question of how we can help our children to choose the one they can feel more accomplished.
In these lines we will try to give you some tools that help you make the choice easier, which we should not forget that ultimately it must be of them and them.

Active listening
Although it seems obvious, the first thing we must do is keep active children listening to their children so they can understand their interests and why they are. Sometimes adults take for granted some realities, that if we ask ourselves, maybe they are not such. For example, maybe our son does football because he likes us and as absolute references that we are, he wants to like us. And if, in addition, most of his friends do this activity, the decision falls by inertia, but in reality if we listen, we ask and try to understand, we will realize that he would like to make skating because that is what really motivates him.
Our task of observing, asking and listening should allow us to help you discover what is really important.

Guidance and support
Once we have done all this active listening process, what we have to do is, giving them the confidence they deserve, orienting them from our role as guides. Although the last decision must fall on them and them, if all the previous procedure has been done, we will have a clearer ability to distinguish between what you really want and what is the product of external influences, that maybe children They are not yet ready to manage alone.
In addition, as adults we also have to help them get out of the comfort zone. A timid child will surely want to do activities in which socialization does not play a very important role, but we must know the importance of working this aspect for a complete education and therefore we have to help them understand the need for " face your fears.
On the other hand, we should not lose sight of the fact that the moment of the houses, esplais and campus is the moment of your vacations. Therefore, prioritizing fun should be a crucial factor in the choice of any out-of-school activity, especially sports, in the case of summer activities must be an essential factor. The recreational aims are the main cause for which children make recreational and sporting activities, and therefore they are a guarantee of success that they can choose.
It is also very important, once the decision has been taken, to support them throughout the process and encourage them to comply with and respect the commitment made in carrying out the activity.

Goals and values
Finally, we must be aware that the ultimate goal of leisure is to educate in the most comprehensive way possible. So, technicians and technicians, especially Claror Clubs, are educators. We need to be aware and help our children to know that they will find themselves in a fun and playful space where they can learn and have fun.

A Clubs Claror We are experts in physical activity and we have a vocation for educators. We take leisure as a unique opportunity to help children grow up, which is why we have a wide range of options for different ages and modalities, from options such as leisure and casitas, as purely sports options such as campuses soccer-court, judo, paddle ... to campus for young people who want to start in the world of fitness. Families, and therefore children, form an inseparable part of our DNA.
We want above all that children enjoy what they do and that learning always goes hand in hand with values.

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