Clubs Claror, yours clubs of fitness in Barcelona

Most complete and varied activity offer, at Club Claror this season you have everything!

27 September, 2019

The entrance of the new course already arrives, and to the Clubs Claror We are waiting for you with lots of new features. In the face of the next season,activities more complete and varied.

1. Incorporate new activities on the grid:
· Circuit training
· Aquacross Claror
· Claror tone
· Claror club swimming
· Running Club Claror
· Hatha Yoga (Claror Sardenya and Claror Marítim)

2. We extend the number and variety of sessions We are the most affected bands.

3. You can also enjoy a new experience in the fitness room, with new XP15 express activities.

We will soon have the timetables of the new grill of activities that we started 1 in October.

There are also news to courses season, with more activities for young people and children. Check them all here:
· Claror Sardenya
· Claror Cartagena
· Claror Marítim

To ours clubs We have activities and services for all: for babies and grandparents, for children and for parents. For all the family. As children learn in our sports schools parents enjoy their training. Because you have the age you have, you will find what you are looking for in our club.

At Claror Clubs, you have everything! From October 1 we start with the new season!

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