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Tips for choosing the best time of day to train

2 April, 2012

As a general rule, it is scientifically proven that the best time to train is from mid-morning until mid-afternoon.

Today it is difficult to choose the time to train, since work or family obligations determine at what moment of the day we can exercise the mind and the muscles. Therefore, the best time to train is that in which we have enough time to be able to do a face and eye training without being aware of the clock, that is, without the stress we carry throughout the day.

It has been scientifically proven that the body evolves metabolically during the day and it is advisable to know this evolution to train at the time the body is better prepared to do it.

Train in the afternoon
As a general rule, our body relaxes during the night and is used to regenerate the systems that are most exhausted. So, during the early hours of the morning, it is not advisable to do intense exercises, as we would pass the body of a "reparative" state to a state of maximum activity in a few minutes.

From mid-morning, when a few hours ago we have removed, that we are moving and that we have something in the stomach, the body is already prepared to endure good training, whether it is resistance, strength or flexibility. This optimal state to perform at the highest level will last until mid afternoon. It is from here that, due to the physical and psychological exhaustion that we accumulate throughout the day, our body no longer holds the same efforts. Our workouts will not be so efficient, although we can still perform at a certain level.

Knowing the body itself
As a general rule, this is the behavior of our body and, as a result, the best hours to do an efficient training. However, not everyone has the same obligations during the day nor does it have the same schedules. Therefore, the evolution of your metabolism will be slightly different from that of the norm. This means that it is likely to find people who perform much better in the middle of the morning than in the afternoon, or at the end of the afternoon in the middle of the morning. This is when the knowledge comes into being that everyone has their own body and the habits acquired during life to know the best time to perform at a workout.

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