Pregnancy and swimming

26 September, 2019

Women's body is prepared to maintain a good dose of physical activity during this stage, but the intensity must be adapted to the capabilities and conditions of each woman, whether they are practicing sports habitually or not.

During pregnancy, It is important to continue doing sports. Women's body is prepared to maintain a good dose of physical activity during this stage, but the intensity must be adapted to the capabilities and conditions of each woman, whether they are already practicing sports habitually or not.

One of the usual fears during pregnancy is to injure or fall, so practicing physical activity will help improve balance, stability and mobility.

If you practice sports intensely, you will also need to Adapt your training to your new condition. It is not time to beat records, but to take advantage of the enormous benefits of physical exercise minimizing the risks.

Before you start exercising you need to do one medical consultation, Which will guide you to what type of training is best for you and when to start.

Swimming for pregnant women
The aquatic environment gives us freedom of movement and also reduces the impact on bones and joints, thus preventing injuries. Not to mention the positive effect of the massage that the water exerts on the body.
It is also necessary to consider other important benefits in pregnancy. On the one hand, it improves elasticity and muscle tone. It also prevents some common symptoms during pregnancy, such as varicose veins, fluid retention, back pain, diabetes, hypertension, overweight ...
Water activity brings relaxation to the body and mind, allows us to improve the mother-baby relationship, and being a group activity, is an added value at the emotional level.

Can all pregnant women do this type of activity? In principle yes, provided they are healthy women and do not present any health problems. However, they should consult this in their pregnancy checks, and if they wish to participate, ask for a medical authorization.

Quarterly training
In this activity, a type of training is performed based on the trimester of pregnancy.

El first quarter We work on continuous swimming in different intensities and changes in breathing, movements with remade, combining the work of legs in different positions: vertical, dorsal and ventral.
The session will end with stretching, relaxation and relaxation exercises.

El second term, the exercises favor the activation of the part canal and the preparation of the breathing. We will work with brace and bicycle feet, knees in the dorsal position with opening and closing of legs, alternative arm braces with feet and different materials.
The return to calm will be performed with stretching of the pelvic area and movement extension exercises.

El third trimester We work the flotations and breaths to facilitate the part. We perform low intensity vertical displacements and with the help of support material. Immersions with propulsion and ripple, and turns to contribute to the placing of the fetus by the part.

After the birth, you must go back to doing physical activity, when you receive medical approval, to regain physical strength and the figure you had before pregnancy. This will increase the energy and feeling of well-being, avoiding other common problems such as constipation.
You need to gradually recover and increase intensity gradually. Walking and swimming are two great options to start.

We are waiting for the Claror Clubs to try and enjoy the physical and emotional benefits that you will provide.

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