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This year we turn the summer camps with the Fitness Kid campus for the little ones

12 April, 2019

We already have the new offer of summer campus 2019 to make children enjoy (from P4 to 3er of primary school with the option of including P3 if there is a brother or sister registered in the casai) of a new and revolutionary program of sports activities, dance activities, games of interaction with nature, summer courses and water activities in the indoor and outdoor pool.

Of the'1 to 26 in July leisure, nature and English will be the three pillars of the new summer campus of L'Esportiu, where the youngest can choose between the itinerary of activities "dance" or multi sport.

In addition, all children can practice every day English doing activities in interaction with nature with our specialists monitors. Likewise, the Fitness Kid Campus also includes 4 swimming training sessions per week.

If you have children that range from 4rt to 6è of primary you can also point them to the houses of L'Esportiu de Llinars, consult the options with the person in charge of leisure mmore@lesportiudellinars.cat.

Pioneers in the safety of children

All activities are supervised by accredited leisure technicians, we guarantee the compliance with the decree 267 / 2016, of the 5 of July, of Leisure Education Activities. We have a work format in small groups and in safe spaces and facilities for children.


  • From 1 to 5 in July
  • From 8 to 12 in July
  • From 15 to 19 in July
  • From 22 to 26 in July

Opening hours

From 9h to 13: 30h: Summer Fitness Kid campus

Other complementary services

From 8h to 9h: Welcome service

From 13: 30h to 15h: Dining room service

From 15h to 17h: Library service

Prices per week

Campus Fitness Kid matins - 67,50€

Welcome service - 12€

Serve dining room - 50€

Ludoteca afternoon service - 20€

Come to know all the details of the campus at the hands of those responsible for L'Esportiu in the informative sessions that we have programmed in the center.

Fitness Kid summer party informative sessions

  • Tuesdays 14 and Thursdays 16 May at 17: 50h
  • Saturday 18 May at 11h

Meeting point: Reception of L'Esportiu

Pre-registration in the information session will be necessary at the same club reception.

Take advantage of the special promotion we have until 26 in May!

Apply for your children and enjoy the 10% discount (morning option)

And if you bring a second brother / sister enjoy the 15% discount!

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