L'Esportiu de Llinars, your fitness club in Vallès Oriental

Top FunXtion Claror at L'Esportiu, the revolution in functional training

4 November, 2019

Try the new activity of high-intensity functional training and in group at L'Esportiu de Llinars. Use the circuit of exercises in the structure that you will find in the fitness room, combined with the technology FunXtion to schedule the sessions, with the control and monitoring of the heart rate of Myzone.
It will allow you to improve the corporal composition by reducing the body fat% and increasing your muscle, by means of functional and high intensity exercises. The 7 movement patterns are used: Press, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Rotations, Bend and displacements. You will have all the material at your fingertips, such as bars, ropes, boxing bags, slam balls, kettelbell, plyo cubes, corebag, boss, fitball, monkey bars, core board, grip R, disks, CMT, Bulgarian sack, wheels, dumbbells , foamroller, sinks, xertubes, TRX, max trainer, rowing, parallel and body weight.
The sessions are 30 minutes: 5 'Warm up. | 20 'Exercise Circuit (4-8 stations) | 5 'Stretching and cooling
It is an activity for all types of public, anyone who wants to improve their body composition and does not have a severe heart disease. In this case, a prior visit with the medical service of the club is recommended. For more info about the activity, check out his card.

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