L'Esportiu de Llinars, your fitness club in Vallès Oriental

The 26 in September came to try the new activities that we incorporate into L'Esportiu

17 September, 2019

El Thursday 26 in September we are debut at L'Esportiu! Come free to try them new activities included in the quota which you can enjoy from 1 in October.

Open Day Sports

19h - Master of Body Attack

The Body Attack is a directed activity session of LES MILLS where a physical conditioning work is done that combines aerobic and athletic movements in different sports such as running and aerobics.

19h - Master of Aquacross

Aquacross is a high-intensity exercise work that takes place in the deep pool and on the beach. It is a circuit-operated (HIIT) training system, where the 7 movement patterns are worked. The goal is to improve body composition globally, reduce% fat and increase muscle.

20h - Master of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a type of gentle yoga known for its asana practice or body posture, which gives the muscles firmness and flexibility. This practice seeks to control the body to also control the mind by training breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Be the first to try the new directed activities that we include in the quota from 1 in October.

If you are not subscribed for L'Esportiu you also come to the premiere of the activities, you can enter the club for free throughout the day.

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