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Open days of the Swimming courses on Claror Sardenya! Come and see the little ones swim

30 May, 2019

You will be able to see the progress of your son or daughter in the water during the course

Like every year on Claror Sardenya We open the doors of the pool so you can see the progress of those of your child during the course.

These are the swimming courses Family, Babies, Small, Infants and of the schools.

The open doors of Small children, infants and schools they will be done from 20 to 31 in May and you can check the schedules here:

· Children, Children and Youth
· Schools

And those of Swimming Babies and Family Swimming they will be 1 to 7 in June in the usual hours of each class.

Parents and relatives of the participating pediatricians are invited to attend the class at the foot of the pool, which is why we recommend cool clothes.
Attendees need to wait for you in the club's entrance yard and the pool technicians will come and look for you.
Encourage yourself!

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