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Núria Sabartés tells us everything that Yoga brings

3 October, 2019

Nuria Sabartés is the Operative Director of Can Caralleu, sportsman and practitioner of Yoga for years. In this report he tells us his experience with the practice of Yoga, and everything that he brings to his day to day.

Interview with Núria Sabartés

'The practice of yoga gives me a space of comfort and peace.
Allows me to find times of silence Environmental silence although some classes of yoga are made with music, it is very soft and accompanies introspection. And inner silence, mental silence, the disconnection of the noise we are continuously subjected to from the outside and the same internal dialogue. This silence allows you to connect with yourself.

It is a space for feel the bodyWith very gentle movements accompanied by conscious breathing that allow you to listen and identify your own needs without interference.

It also guarantees me one safe space, minimizing the risk of injuries, since the exercises or asanas adapt to the physical condition and status of each one. It is necessary to practice calmly, without forcing or exceeding the limits at both the joint and muscular level to avoid injuries. It is important to feel comfortable in each position and enjoy it. Yoga is looking for a practice of fluid movements, pleasant and comforting.

Although at the beginning it is possible to think that we will never be able to do the positions that propose us, with certainty in practice, deep and relaxed breathing, the body is letting go and the muscular tensions are disappearing giving way to a integral well-being.

Often there are people who say they can not do yoga because they get nervous. This is just a warning that we must go into this discomfort. It is important to learn to listen to inner needs and awareness.

Although it is an activity that does not interfere with peers, one is created silent complicity among practitioners of the group.

I encourage you to try it, because the benefits are very large: deep stretching of the muscles, mobilization of energy and inner peace. Definitely balance physical, mental and emotional so necessary in our day to day. '

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