Make your weekly training plan

6 November, 2019

Good planning can be key because you are motivated by physical activity and begin to notice better evolution in your sports practice.

Weekly organizing the activities you will do at the gym will turn your training into a fun and varied plan, breaking the monotony that sometimes we impose ourselves, routinely, for the sake of trying new things and / or by ignorance.

Fitness activities

The offer of activities included in the quota we offer at Clubs Claror is wide and varied, both in types of activities, intensities and spaces. The current classification of activities can help you make your weekly schedule, choosing the activities that motivate you most within each type. It is important to look for a good one balance Between activity and rest, cardio and force activities, and combine the fitness room, the activity halls and the pool.

High caloric intake
Activities that seek a high calorie cost and have a high or high intensity intensity, favoring the reduction of body fat and improving cardiovascular resistance: Circuit training Claror, Swimming Claror, Aquatic Tábata, Body Combat, Body Attack, Running Club Claror, Grit, Aquadynamic, Indoor wlaking, Aerobics and Step.

Activities that seek an increase in muscle tone and general strength with medium intensity, using diverse material depending on the activity and in which musical support is used: GAC, Body Pump, Abs, CXWorx, Ballet fit, Water Sweet, Aiguagym, Aiguafitness, Tono Claror.

Activities that seek to improve the state of general wellbeing of the body and mind, working control and body awareness through flexibility, balance, strength and concentration, favoring postural improvement: Pilates, Body Balance, Stretch, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Aiguapilates: Aquazumba, Zumba, Sh'bam.

Choreographed activities for all audiences who are looking for cardiovascular work, body expression and agility in a fun way through dance steps of different styles, such as Latin, hip hop, dance, pop, etc.

Spinning Watts
Cardiovascular and high intensity training activities with musical support, which uses a specific bicycle equipped with a potentiometer to control the watts performed. Through interventional work, it is possible to increase the aerobic capacity and power, improving the cardiovascular capacity, favoring the reduction of% body fat and toning the lower train: Group Cycle and Spinning Watts.

Functional and high intensity training activities where a circuit job is done using a specific and specific technology that helps us to organize and control the session. They improve the reduction of body fat and increase the overall strength, favoring a better quality of life from day to day daily movements: Team Beats and Funxtion Claror.

Activities where different sports can be offered freely, with or without a technician: Volei, Basketball and Badminton.

XP15 '
Express activities of 15 'in the fitness room in small groups, and work more locally in different muscle groups, combining high intensity and increased fat burning: Abs, Cardio Circuit, Upper train force, Lower train force, Stretching / mobility , Kettlebell and Rem.

Check them out schedule of activities of ours clubs and make your program:
Claror Sardenya
Claror Cartagena
Claror Marítim
Can Caralleu
The Sporting of Llinars

Accompaniment: Training Initiatives and Personal Trainer Programs

Whether you're a new subscriber, or if you've been training Claror for some time, we can help you plan your sporting practice.

On the one hand we have the Initiation programs in training Different levels according to the objective you pursue: Slimming down, muscularizing or strengthening you. Ask the gym technician to provide a welcome session, we will advise you to achieve your goal.

On the other hand we have a team ofPersonal trainers that will help you achieve results in the shortest time. A Personal Trainer Claror will give you a personalized Training Plan, will accompany you at all times and will motivate you to get the results you want. It will accompany you during training, will teach you, will correct you and adjust the plan according to your evolution, optimizing your time and effort, making you achieve your goals quickly and a healthy lifestyle.

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