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Do you know basketball teams Safa Claror of the 18-19 season?

12 of December, 2018

We already have the photos of the 23 teams of basketball club Safa Claror this season.

We already have the photos of the presentation of the Basketball teams Safa Claror of the 2018-2019 season!
In total they form The basketball club a total of 23 teams:
Premix 3 Male
Premix 4 Feminine
Premix 4 Feminine
Premix 4 Male
Mini A Feminine
Mini Masculine
Female Mini B
Mini B Masculine
Pre-Infantile Male
Infantile To Feminine
Children's Masculine
Children's B Women's
Cadet A Feminine
Cadet To Male
Female Cadet B
Cadet B Masculine
Feminine Junior
Junior A Masculine
Junior B Male
Senior Male
Senior Feminine
Senior B Male
Senior Feminine B
If you want to know them, you can see all the photos of the day in our photo gallery here.

2018 Sardinia Safa Claror Equipment

Thank you very much to all of you who came!
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