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Without plastic, the planet lives better!

6 in June, 2019

Yesterday we celebrated it World Environment Day but with a day is not enough and, in addition, until June 9 is also the Week of Nature.

So here are some tips:

For now, a good way to take care of our environment is the crusade against plastic. Exactly these days, a campaign has been viralized by the networks to avoid the purchase of products packaged in plastic for a few days.

And it is that news such as the formation of a continent of plastics in the Pacific Ocean or the loss of animal species victims of bags and other garbage alert us that we change habits or kill the planet.

At Claror we do little use of the plastic, but we are already thinking about how to eradicate it face to face next season. A first step we did to the mill, where we did not want to feed our athletes with bottles of water contracting a system of hinges on compostable glasses filled in from a large water container.

At home we can also make many small gestures. Here are some:

  • Buy food packaged in glass
  • Buy bulk food
  • Bring the carmanyola to the market or place to bring meat or fish to us
  • Always carry a reusable bag for the purchase, better if it's clothes
  • If we need to use tableware to use and throw, buy compostable or vegetable material.
  • Eliminate aluminum foil
  • Buy utensils (kitchen, office) that do not contain plastic.

Surely if we all apply the advice, we will bring about a great change for the planet!

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