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The benefits of working with the figure of a personal trainer

2 April, 2012

Currently, personal well-being is one of the priorities of the population and physical well-being is the pillar for emotional balance.

In recent years, the figure of the personal trainer has emerged, which has gained strength thanks to the excellent results that are obtained with his work.

The personal trainer makes the student improve in cardiovascular health, lose weight, prevent diseases, be more lively, better, and, ultimately, progress in well-being and quality of life. A personal trainer can get in touch with the student to remind him of the tasks he needs to do while traveling or out of training hours, or can instruct him about what foods to eat before or after the sessions.

The user profile that hires the services of a personal trainer is very broad and includes people with little sports experience who want to get in shape, others with little free time, people affected by some pathology to which their The doctor advises exercise, users who want to improve their performance or people who, despite trying, have not achieved results by exercising alone or in group classes.

Having a personal trainer has many benefits. On the one hand, the advantage that is obtained, since it works to optimize the training time and that the objectives are achieved in a safe, effective and lasting way. Time flexibility, which favors the certainty, is a key factor for the success of a physical fitness program. The emphasis on motivation and the fact of giving explanations of why each of the exercises takes place make the client aware of his own body and know the purpose of each movement. These elements are positive stimuli that encourage you to continue. In addition, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

At the beginning, the user passes a complete medical check-up and has an interview in order to fit schedules and know the objectives they intend to achieve, as well as preferences in sports practice and possible problems that determine whether or not to make certain movements or sports. In addition, an initial assessment of the form state is made and the first sessions are planned that are adapted to the evolution of the user.

The personal trainer service is offered at the Claror, Marítim, Sagrada Família, Can Caralleu and Llinars Sports centers.

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