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The Claror Group adheres to the Manifesto of the world of sport for the elimination of violence against women

25 November, 2019

La Claror Foundation we have adhered to "Manifesto of the world of sport for the elimination of violence against women" driven by the Generalitat de Catalunya I la Secretary General of Sport on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence. With our membership we subscribe to the vindication that must be advanced in the construction of a society and a sport that walks with values ​​away from any type of violence, from respect, teamwork, struggle, effort and overcoming .

Manifesto of the world of sport

Violence against women persists year after year in a patriarchal society that resists changing and places women in a position of inequality. However, women have broken the silence and we will not step back.

From the world of Sport and from our organization, we want to recognize the strength, courage and courage of women, survivors and those who have been murdered, those who have broken silence and those who fight day to day to do it. We leave on the playing field clearly showing that consent is a central element in understanding sexuality, that only one yes is yes and that is undeniable.

Sexual assault on a woman is not a punctual event, it is an aggression against all women. We have lost the fear of signing and denouncing the aggressors because our sorority is our strength.

We call together: if they touch one, we all play!

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