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To live to the fullest nature

7 in June, 2019

Yesterday the adventurer Albert Bosch He offered us a talk in Can Caralleu very interesting, where we could see the importance of take care of the environment and live in harmony with nature. He has made a real milestone by promoting even the "Ultra Clean Marathon" in which thousands of participants travel through Catalonia bringing the values ​​of the circular economy and sustainability. In the last edition, about 4.000 participants collected more than 3.000 kg of waste.

Similar initiatives are carried out everywhere and the power of networks to disseminate them is one of the factors of its success. These are examples of campaigns that drive viral challenges to clean beaches, forests ... you can see some looking for the hashtag #trashtag

And it is that more and more scientific studies are said to ensure that living in contact with nature improves our quality of life. Recently, one of the 'Global Health Institute of Barcelona about how to contact with Natural environments during childhood benefit mental health in adulthood>

And it is under this conviction, long studied by a culture like Japanese, that we also find in Catalonia initiatives such as the one of the "Association of the Serbs, which, apart from the protected old forest of Catalonia, has created a network of forests with therapeutic functionality.

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