Rules of the club

The regulations of the club and its clauses are those formulated by the Town Hall of Llinars del Vallès.

Entry and exit procedure

Access to the center is through a proximity card, which

gives way to cross the door.

The access and exit of the sports center are exclusively and exclusively

by Pau Casals Avenue, 281-283.

They have access to the facilities of L'Esportiu de Llinars:

• Your subscribers.

• People who participate in an organized activity.

• The people who make it use punctually paying the entrance.

• People who hire health services.

• Groups that carry out an organized activity.

Subscriber of L'Esportiu de Llinars

• The subscriber must approach the proximity card to any of the readers.

• At the exit you must do the same operation, also indifferently to any of the readers.

• If the subscriber is enrolled in a certain time zone, the automatic access control authorizes the entry from 30 minutes before their access time. The output must be done at most 30 minutes after its time.

• The use of the sports center for more time than allowed gives rise to a supplementary billing.

Unsatisfied teacher who participates in supervised activities

• The procedure of entry and exit is identical to that of subscribers.

• Proximity cards are coded in the contracted business hours.

• Entrance to the sports center is allowed 15 minutes before the start of the activity and at most 30 minutes after its opening hours.

• The dressing room and the space reserved for the contracted activity must be used.

People who make use of the center in a timely manner

• Invitation access is limited to 2 uses per person per month.

• Specific tickets will be sold whenever the capacity of the sports center allows it.

• When paying the corresponding entry, you must provide your first and last name, ID number and telephone number. The payment card will be received and it will be necessary to carry it over at all times, along with the excerpt from the center's regulations.

• To access the center, personal attention will open the door manually.

• You can enjoy the aquatic area, the fitness room and the activity rooms freely. Punctual entries allow access to grill activities.

• Once the sports center has been abandoned, it will not be possible to enter the same ticket again.

Groups that perform an organized activity

• The group leader will wait for all members at the entrance of the sports center and always have to be with their group.

Access to the center will be the whole group at the same time.

• The manager of the group will deposit the DNI at reception and in exchange the key to the dressing room will be given. It will recover the DNI when returning the key of the dressing room, at the moment that the whole group leaves the center. Therefore, the key can not be returned if there is any member of the group inside.

• The changing rooms of designated groups will be used.

• You can only use the reserved space.

• The schools can make the entrance at most 15 minutes before the start of the activity and the exit when finalizing it. They will enter and leave in groups accompanied by their person in charge.

• In all cases, the locker rooms must be locked.

Non-subscribers who hire a wellness and health service

• In the recruitment of the service they will receive a ticket that identifies the service.

• They can not use the sports center.

• The time of use is the necessary one for the realization of the service.

Access for special groups

Subscribers and users with reduced mobility

• People with reduced mobility have priority in the use of the interior lift.

Regulations for children subscribers (under 12 years)

They can only access the sports center in the following cases:

• Attendance to a supervised course or activity provided they are accompanied by an adult (tutor or technician of L'Esportiu de Llinars).

• That they be accompanied by an adult family subscriber (greater than 18 years), who will be responsible for the minor. Both must necessarily remain in the same dependencies and / or in the pool where the minor performs the activity.

• From the 7 years they must use the dressing room that corresponds to them by sex or the family changing rooms accompanied by an adult subscriber.


The regulation of use will be applicable to all subscribers and users participating in the activities organized by the Llinars Sports, as well as to all those who access the sports center sporadically by paying the entrance fee or timely rental

The interpretation and application or modification of this regulation is authorized by the Management of the entity.

The improper use of the facilities and the non-compliance of the regulation may be the subject of temporary or definitive expulsion. Deftitive expulsion must be decided by the Directorate.

Administrative processes

Payment of installments

The first contract will be made at the offices of the Llinars Sports.

The subsequent receipts will be monthly and will be charged on the first day of each month through bank receipt.

Payment of unpaid installments

The return of direct debit will result in the loss of the subscriber status. To recover it again you have to pay the pending amounts, the refund costs and the registration fees in force.

Modifications and cancellations

Notifications of cancellation and modifications of bank details must be submitted before 25 the previous month. No refund will be made if the cancellation is notified later.

The notification must be done personally, by fax or by e-mail, in such a way that the request is registered with the applicant's signature, who will be sent a confirmation of the cancellation.

Any of these transactions will not be accepted by phone.

Temporary losses

The subscriber may request the temporary cancellation of payment for serious medical reasons or for work transfer, upon submission of the supporting documentation.

The period to enjoy the temporary download will be 2 and 12 minimum. In no case will a temporary loss be recognized retroactively, or once it has generated an unpaid quota.


The cost of the following supports must be paid at the reception in case of loss:

  • The key to the rental cabinets.
  • The duplicate of the card in case of loss.
  • A familiar key

Reservation of tennis and paddle courts

Procedure for subscribers of Llinars Sports

• You can reserve the tracks via telephone or via face.

• They have a preferential turn to make the reservation: Monday, from 8 to 10h.

• The name and surname must be given obligatorily.

• The track will be available to other users if no one is presented before 15 minutes from the start time of the reservation.

• The slopes are rented for whole hours or an hour and a half.

• If you can not attend the reserved time, you must cancel the track at least 12 hours in advance.

• Subscribers can reserve a track within their time slot.

• If any of the players is not subscribed, they will have to pay the corresponding current price.

• In the case of rain that prevents the use of the track, the rental amount will be returned. No amount will be refunded for reasons beyond the sports center.

• The rental price of the track must be paid at the moment of making the reservation.

• The light must be paid if necessary according to the current rate.

Procedure for the non-subscribers of the Llinars Sports:

• You can book the tracks only by face-to-face.

• The reservation of tracks for non-subscribers begins on Mondays, starting at NNUMX hours. On Monday from 10 to 8h, non-subscribers will be able to use the tracks whenever they are free at the time of accessing the sports center.

• The rental price of the track must be paid at the moment of making the reservation.

• In the case of rain that prevents the use of the track, the rental amount will be returned. No amount will be refunded for reasons beyond the sports center.

Guided grid classes

• Number must be taken in certain grid classes, which are delivered from 20 minutes before beginning the class.

• It is only allowed to take a number per person and class.

• After the first 10 minutes, the activity can not be accessed, in order not to interrupt the class dynamics.

• You can not leave a class until it is finished, stretching included.

general rules

The general pattern of behavior will be the adequate use of facilities and material, respect and tolerance for workers and other users, and compliance with the general and specific rules established by the Sports of Llinars, which have been defined with the aim of guaranteeing the welfare of users, workers and equipment.

Each specific space is governed by rules of use and use schedules that are published "in situ".

The distribution of spaces and changing rooms is authorized by the Management of the entity. The criteria are based on rationality and the proper use of spaces.

All users must follow the observations indicated by the technicians, lifeguards, administrative personnel and maintenance, who have the aim of ensuring respect and ensuring a coexistence of the use of sports spaces and changing rooms, equipment or equipment. If, repeatedly, the observations are not attended, the user will be forced to leave the sports center.

It is not allowed to offer or receive services from technicians outside the Llinars Sports.

There is also a hygiene regulation, in accordance with what is established by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya regarding sports facilities, which also contemplates specific aspects of our entity.

Llinars Sports has an evacuation plan to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency situation.

All the workers at L'Esportiu de Llinars know about this evacuation plan in order to guarantee the safety of all the people in the sports center. In the event of an emergency situation, users must follow their instructions.

As a general criterion, inside the sports center you can not:

• Circular without dressing properly.

• To smoke.

• Eat outside the enabled areas.

• Enter alcoholic beverages or drugs, or under the effects of them.

• Enter drinks in a glass container.

• Record images or take photographs without the express authorization of the sports center address.

• Appropriate for other people's goods.

Sports and fitness spaces with mobile can not be accessed.

In exceptional situations, the mobile will be available in the fitness room, as long as it is in vibration mode and the call is taken out of the sports area, in order not to disturb other users.

Aquatic space

You can not use this space if you suffer from some infectious disease.


It is mandatory

• Warm bathrobe, rubber slippers and bath cap. For hygiene issues, the sports center does not have this material for loan.

• Use showers and show off carefully. It can not be used, however, for personal cleaning.

• Respect schedules and streets for subscribers to swim.

• Children under the age of 12, whether they know how to swim or not, must be accompanied by an adult family subscriber, except if they participate in a swimming course. Both have to stay in the same area of ​​the pool.

• Do not allow entry into the space with bags, backpacks or any external material.

• Follow the instructions of the aquatic technicians who advise to all the users on the operation of the different spaces and use of the material.

• Straighten the material after using it. The material is for everyone and for everyone.

Relaxation area (steam bath, sauna and hydromassage)

It is mandatory

• Be older than 18 years to access this space.

• The use of the towel in the sauna, steam room and hammocks.

• Scrupulously respect the hygiene regulations of each zone.

• Follow the recommendations of use: duration, indications ...

• This is a rest area so do not disturb or disturb other users.

• It is the exclusive faculty of the entity to regulate the parameters of the various

services in this area.

• You have to shower before and after using each of these spaces.

Pool material

• In the free use of the pool only the use of

Flotation auxiliary material (light bulbs, churros, belts ...) ..

Sports and fitness area

Fitness room

It is mandatory

• Be older than 16 years. Children under the age of 16 can only access, outside the young age, by optional prescription of the medical service of the Llinars Sports and accompanied by adult subscriber (greater than 18 years). They can not make an indiscriminate use of the material. The head of the room is the one who guides in each case what are the elements to use.

• The subscribers of 12 and 15 years can use the cardiovascular machines in the fitness room in the following schedule: from Monday to Friday, from 15h to 19h; Saturdays, from 10 to 12h and from 17 to 19h; Sundays and holidays, from 10 to 12h.

• Follow the instructions of the room technicians who advise all users about the operation of the machines and the use of the material.

• The use of appropriate clothing and footwear. The use of open slippers or flip-flops is prohibited.

• The use of a towel to cover the machines, benches and blinds to prevent the material from becoming sweated and thus maintain proper hygienic conditions. It is necessary to wipe the machines after using them.

• Straighten the material after using it. It is for everyone and for everyone.

• Take care of the material avoiding sudden movements, scratching the plates or dropping the weights to the floor. Using the material with measurement and correction facilitates the work and well-being of everyone.

• You can not enter this space with bags, backpacks, or any external material. It can not be accessed with swimsuit, without a shirt or wet.

Multipurpose and spining activity halls

• It can be accessed whenever there is a scheduled activity.

• Suitable towel, footwear and clothing must be carried, and it is recommended to bring water.

• It is imperative to be punctual at the beginning of the activity to minimize the risk of injuries and not distort the operation of the class. The technician can prevent access once the activity has begun, for reasons of both capacity and lack of punctuality.

• You can not enter this space with bags, backpacks, helmets or any external material.

Tennis courts and paddle tennis courts

• Under the age of 12: they can always play accompanied by a maximum of 18 years.

• You can only play 4 people simultaneously on each track.

The reservation does not include the rental of material, which must be taken or rented aside. You can not use more than three balls per track.

• The time of use is 60 or 90minutes, and it always begins and ends at the hours worked. In case of late start, the end time is maintained. If you want to have more time you need to contact the reception.

• In case of needing the light, the price of the corresponding fee must be paid.

• By courtesy we will not access the track if it is busy, we will wait for the previous user to be aware of our presence, finalize their game and leave the track unlocked.

• Do not enter bags, backpacks or motorcycle helmets. Use the locker rooms of the locker rooms.

• Must wear sports clothing and footwear. Do not use the shoes you use on the street, do not go without a shirt or barefoot.

• You can not smoke, eat or enter glass objects.

• The use of the mobile phone is not allowed.

• It is not allowed to receive classes from technicians other than L'Esportiu de Llinars.

• Respect the tranquility and concentration of other users.

• If the climatological conditions or any other type determines the use of the tracks, Llinars Sports reserves the right to cancel any reservation.

Dressing rooms

The sports center has the following changing rooms:

Dressers of subscribers

They are distributed in spaces masculine and feminine, and their use is exclusive for subscribers and users of precise entrance.

Family dressing rooms

The sports center has 2 changing rooms for families with young children who want a more private space or for other exceptional cases. It is mandatory to leave all personal items within the assigned closet while performing the activity.

The DNI must be deposited at the reception upon request of the key to these changing rooms and cabinets, which will be recovered upon return.

Dressing rooms for groups

• The center has changing rooms for groups and schools.

• At the time of accessing the sports center, the person in charge of the reception will indicate to the person in charge of the group the dressing room that he must use.

• The person in charge of the group will lock the dresser with personal items while they are carrying out the activity.

• When the group leaves the sports center, the person in charge will leave the dressing room empty and closed with key, and will return it to the reception. It will also look after the good behavior and use of the center by the group that it directs.

• It is not allowed to change clothes or leave bags in other spaces other than changing rooms.

• It is not allowed to shave, depilate, cut nails or carry out activities that cause discomfort to other users.


• All dressing rooms have armariets.

• All belongings must be stored inside the closet during the use of the sports center, even when we are in the showers area.

• For your safety, do not put valuables in the closet.

• The locking system is with padlock. The padlocks are personal.

• We recommend padlock with combination, so you will avoid getting the key always on. For your safety, use a pad with a thick arc (7mm).

• When leaving the sports center, leave the empty closet and no padlock to allow use to other subscribers. Otherwise the sports center staff will be forced to remove the lock by damaging it, excluding all responsibility.

• Llinars Sports has cabinets for rent for subscribers.

Services regulations

Loss of personal objects

• The Llinars sports car is not responsible for the loss of

personal objects Please take care of personal belongings.

• The personal objects found within the sports center will be available to subscribers to the Public Attention area for a period of 15 days.

After this period they will be delivered to a charity for their use.

• The center will not store objects of personal hygiene, such as shampoo, bath gel or creams, or combs, toothbrushes, etc. Nor will you wear underwear.

Wellness and health area

• It is necessary to arrange day and hour of each service previously, by phone or directly at the same sports center. You can also arrange day and hour with the specialist after each service.

• Because schedules are arranged, punctuality is a fundamental element for the proper functioning and exploitation of the service. The service will not be made after 15 minutes of the concerted time.

• If you cancel the service 24 hours before the visit, you can re-arrange the day and time without charge. In the case of canceling it out of term or not attending without notice, the user will have to pay 50% of the price.

• Health tickets will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Llinars Sport is Sports Medicine Center, authorized by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and offers sports medical check-ups valid for all federations. Advance appointment must be arranged.

Cafeteria - Restaurant

• Access to the cafeteria-restaurant is free, you do not need to be a user of the sports center.

• It must be accessed with appropriate clothing. Access is prohibited with the naked torso, swimsuit and flip flops or wet.

Car park

• Llinars Sport has outdoor and free municipal parking.

• Llinars Sportsman is not responsible for possible thefts or incidents that may occur in the parking lot.


• The Llinars Sports has a solarium.

• You can not enter the solarium with food or glass bottles.

• Smoking is not permitted.

• The sun beds can not be placed on the lawn.

• Try to keep silent so as not to bother the rest of the users and to keep the spaces clean.

For a better operation of the center we would appreciate that:

• Respect the environment: both the intimacy of others and the space that you occupy.

• Throw the empty containers into the trash.

• Leave the space you have occupied as you would like to find it.

• In all cases, it must be respectful. Talking too high or making noise will cause discomfort and lack of concentration in others and yourselves.

• Keep the center clean and in good condition.

• If you detect any damage in the center, notify the reception.

Thank you very much, your collaboration is basic for the good performance of Llinars Sports.

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