Sustainability: the soul of L'Esportiu de Llinars!

L'Esportiu de Llinars It is a reference center in the use of technologies of sustainability and energy efficiency. Below we explain all the particularities of our center.

Underground plant: All the installations have been designed so that everything is in sight. It facilitates maintenance repair or performance. This results in minimal discomfort to the users of the center. Ex: drive branches.

Biomass boilers (see video 1): its function is to produce energy to heat and distribute hot water throughout the center (showers, water, pools ...). Biomass makes us sustainable, since it pollutes less than gas (it reduces CO2 emissions).

Boil pellet boilers can burn other types of material. Ex: in Andalusia burn olive oil. With these boilers, we comply with the environmental measures that new buildings must have.

ACS: It has 10.000 liters of accumulated hot water (2 accumulators of 5.000 liters). From the accumulators, the water goes through the exchangers, where it mixes with cold water until it reaches the optimal temperature. From here it is distributed to showers and spades. There is a home automation system for remote management.

Home automation screen (see video 2): the maintenance personnel can work through the computer, without having to do any direct manipulation. In this way, processes such as filter cleaning are done automatically, with no margin of error (and, therefore, contributes to energy savings).

Maintenance area, home automation screen and land area: From the screen or from any point with access to the Internet you can control the entire process of chemicals and filters.

- Land area: everything is registrable and everything is in sight that allows to make any repair without raising the ground (reduces discomfort to the users).

- Fluxors: There is a river water collection tank, which is all about it

Filtration system of the large pool (The two pools and the two hydros work the same): the waste is filtered. The filtration system has presostatic valves and is also domotic.

Ultraviolet (see video 3): system of physical treatment of water that minimizes the use of chemical disinfectants. Therefore, it allows:
1. Save on chemical product
2. Earn as water
All of this allows working in very low chlorine parameters: it does not rub eye or skin and reduces the odor of chlorine.
With the UV system we could even work without chlorine (Germany and France already do so).
But the Spanish legislation still does not allow legal parameters of chlorine: 0'6 - 2'5].

Llinars Sports is at 0'6, the minimum marked by law. A pool without UV is usually 1'5.

Photovoltaic panels (they are from the City Council): the transformer station generates electric current from the electric company in the sports center and transforms the energy generated by photovoltaic panels.

The energy produced by the plates, the City Council can sell it to the electricity company or distribute it by the population.

Lighting The center is controlled by a domotic system that is controlled from the reception center. It contributes to energy savings.

We are committed to the environment !!

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