Join a new way to train Claror Marítim

Matrix machines adapt to your features, with screens that allow you to personalize your training to the fullest and with which you will experience unique experiences.

7xi (Cargo)

The cardio machines of the series 7xi are not just consoles; they are an experience:

+ connectivity

· Touch screen on all cardio machines, with an exclusive application interface: Netflix, YouTube, Facebook ...
· Play your own music and audio content by connecting your smartphone or tablet.

+ entertainment

· Television programming: listen to the television channels in the room with your headphones.

Relation of cargo machines:
10 tapes Matrix model 7xi
7 elliptic Matrix model 7xi
4 elliptical ascending Matrix model 7xi
5 recumbent bikes Matrix model 5xi
5 vertical bikes Matrix model 7xi


The latest trend in bodybuilding training

· Powerful and comfortable at the same time. It redefines ergonomics, increases comfort and improves operation.
· Support for accessories (bottles, towels) on all machines.
· Automatic counter of repetitions and rest time.
· Exercise schemes of how to properly use the machine and identify muscle groups.

Relationship of bodybuilding machines:
19 machines of work of force intelligent model Training
1 multi-station (arc) of 8 stations
1 multifunctional trainer
2 trainning world
1 Connexus FreeStanding

MAGNUM (free weight)

Ergonomics and comfort come together for better training

· Adjustable
· Designed to be comfortable while providing movement with a natural and mechanically correct feeling.
· Wide variety of machines to cover your training needs.

Relation of free weight material:
13 Magnum series power bases
1 Multipower Disks of the Handgun Series
2 Magnum series lever machines
1 Open Rack of the Magpie Series
1 Power Station cage
1 work station with own weight
1 assisted control machine
Manuelles of 1-40kg

Stretch area

Stretch machine
Material: boson, fitball, foam roller ...
Ask alternative room equipment technicians, such as rubber, ropes, jump ...

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