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Claror Live: Don’t stop with the digital gym

2 November, 2020

These fifteen days you will be able to enjoy 43 dirtigidas activities per week, which will be broadcast live by Claror Live

Despite having the centers closed we don’t want you to stop training. Therefore, we invite you to take the classes that we will broadcast live through the client space of the website, "Claror Live", where subscribers can access the classes that we will continue to offer in streaming, and that over the next few days will increase its offer.


43 weekly sessions with activities of all kinds! Don't miss them!

We have prepared a powerful program of guided activities: these fifteen days you can enjoy 43 guided activities a week, which will be broadcast live on Claror Live. As you can see on the grid, there are activities of all kinds, every day and in all time slots. Choose yours!


If you miss any live, don’t worry! You have the classes recorded!

Don't worry about schedules. If you do not arrive at the time of a live, you can also watch the video of the class in deferred, on the day and at any time you want. In the Claror Live you have a wide range of classes already broadcast, and of all kinds, so you can do them a la carte, whenever you want.


Al Claror Live also has training programs, tips and more!

In addition to the guided activities that you can follow live or deferred, a Claror Live you will find training programs prepared by our technicians, and organized according to your goals: Do not hesitateStrengthen yourself i Muscula't. Enter the Claror Live and find your training program!


Senior training programs, for over 60s

We know that people over the age of 60 are especially affected by restrictions during these weeks and need, more than anyone else, to maintain physical activity to boost your immunity and overall health. That's why we offer you a program of activities and training specially designed for you. Don't miss them!


What do you have to do to access it?

Access theweb client space (at the top right of the screen) with your email and password. If it is the first time you enter SIGN UP, all you have to do is provide us with the email you used to register for the club, your DNI and date of birth. If we have this data in our Database you will be able to access the space without problems.

If you have problems accessing because the e-mail, ID or date of birth do not match, send us an e-mail to the following addresses depending on the club you are a member of.

- Claror Sardenya:
- Claror Cartagena:
- Claror Marítim: espaiclient.maritim
- Claror Can Caralleu: espaiclient.cancaralleu
- L'Esportiu de Llinars:


And also, open classes on the Instagram channel @ClubsClaror

Most of the live activities will be offered exclusively by subscribers and through the Claror Live. But even so, each week we will offer three live activities, and open to everyone, at @ Instagram channelClubsClearr. If you have unsubscribed friends or family, they can follow these classes openly to keep fit. Encourage them to become account followers!


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