Reopening with 30% and without prior appointment

The Clubs Claror they will reopen on Monday 23 and will not receive any receipts until January 2021

19 November, 2020

The Clubs Claror they will not charge any fees or subscriptions or courses until January 2021

The Clubs Claror they will all reopen next Monday, November 23rd, in accordance with the resolution of the Generalitat de Catalunya of today 19 November.

The clubs 30% of their capacity will be open, but no prior reservation is required to come to the club. All you have to do is make a reservation if you want to take part in the collective grill activities, as was done before this closing.

All subscribers can check the capacity status of each of them clubs, in real time, through the web, where you can also consult other details and frequently asked questions.

Courses and sports schools will also resume on Monday 23rd, as they were taking place before the October 30th closing.


November compensation

In addition, in compensation for the 2 days of October and the 22 days of November in which the clubs will have been closed, the Clubs Claror they will not charge any fees or subscriptions or courses until January 2021, so that the receipts for December 2020 will not be turned over.


From the Clubs Claror we would like to thank the patience and support we have received from all subscribers during these closing days.

Sport is Health, and Claror, for sure!

Thank you very much, and see you at clubs from Monday !!!


Barcelona, ​​19 November 2020.


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