a powerful sports offer and responsible and committed management

We say that claror and "more than fitness" because it represents, on the one hand, the powerful sporting offer of a great club, and on the other, a set of values ​​that go beyond fitness, which make us unique and different

more than fitness

An experience that suits you

Because not all of us are equal and we do not seek the same, we customize your training depending on what you really need.
We interview you before you begin to know your needs, i We accompany you in your sports practice applying one own methodology i training programs Made based on your characteristics and your goals, always oriented to achieve the desired results.
A customized experience.

You will not miss anything

At Claror we are continuously organizing events and special programs or there is some new activity to try.
You will be wide and punctually informed of everything that happens to your club in an easy and effective way through you Phone and of ours world wide web. You can also deepen your sport knowledge and be in the case of the latest trends with the articles and videos posted on our digital magazine.
You will not miss anything.

Com home

We want that, besides being a physically active person, you step over with us a good time when you come to train. You will feel at ease.
We will always try one Treat it close, plain, affable, cheerful and respectedIt will make you feel ... at home!

Spaces that are well prepared and clean

At Claror we continuously adapt the spaces for you to be comfortable, comfortable and to adapt to the latest trends in physical activity.
Spaces you will always find net and swimming pools with the treatments and sanitary conditions necessary for the best sporting practice.
Home adapted the spaces to people with reduced mobility and we have equipped them with Wi-Fi so that you are always connected.

First equipment

Train with one equipment and a modern sports equipment, pointer and in constant renewal.
We are the last and we make an effort to offer you material and machines best brands endowed with the latter technological and digital advances.
Claror is one of the first to incorporate the latest ones innovations of the sector.

Everything and more

You will not be bored! You can choose between one wide variety of activities in constant renovation to train in a group, in the living room, in the pool, doing guided activities, in a circuit and also in outdoor activities or working the body balance.
You will also find spaces and activities to achieve your time of relaxation and rest, which is also part of the training.
Train with total confidence: All of our activities are technically and medically proven.

A great team for you

You will notice Claror will feel surrounded by one wide team of people: more than 600 highly qualified professionals in different areas of physical activity, sport and health, and in permanent training to always offer you the best guiding and accompaniment.
You will not find yourself alone, we are with you and you.

Your health, the first

Your health is what matters most to us.
You will have at your disposal one own medical equipment that will ensure that your training is the most appropriate for your health.
The physiotherapists and the specialists in manual therapies They will help you to complement your workout and recover your injuries and prevent them. Ours dietists They will advise you to accompany your training with a proper diet. Our vocation is to take care of you.

A school of healthy living

From small children we have to learn to have an active and healthy life.
At Claror we have one pedagogical vocation and for that reason the smallest ones fill ours sports initiation schools and sign up for ours split the campus. In addition to good sports habits and values, We want to teach them to know their body better, to exercise it, to take care of it.
And we will ensure that theLearning to continue in the adult stage, with the advice of our technicians, with specific courses, talks and informative articles. A school of healthy living!

Wide hours at a fair price

Your Claror is open virtually all year round and with some widespread hours so you can train when you go better.
We are very much rigorous with timetables and in the performance of scheduled activities. We do not like to fail.
And everything to one fair price

We manage without profit

The Claror Clubs are managed by one Non-profit foundation which reinvests the 100% of its surplus in the sports and social project we carry out. Nobody stays a penny of surpluses. Everything that is generated, we will invest it again constantly improving the service we offer: the facilities, the equipment, the training of the staff ... Your quota is destined to make this magnificent possible social project. If we win, you win

We have a clear mission

We were born for it: "The mission The last of the Claror Foundation is to contribute, from sport and health and leisure to improve the quality of life of people throughout his life. The Foundation promotes and provides quality sports services from a socially inclusive approach (Sports for All), Ethically responsible and committed to the environment".

With a municipal vocation

We are one private entity, the independent, with vocation of public service and that is why we have always opted for them manage municipal centers. We believe in collaboration and co-responsibility between entities and public administrations to offer a service of the highest quality. And all, with the commitment of transparency, inclusive service and open to everyone who demands the municipal character of clubs that we manage

A club of all

Of all those people who want to achieve their goals with our support whatever their age, culture, physical or mental condition. The Claror Clubs are adapted for everyone, because we are all different. Some clubs inclusive, oriented to people and not to their differences.

For all the family

We have activities and services for all: for babies and grandparents, for children and parents. For all the family. As children learn in our sports schools, parents enjoy their training. Everyone in their own air, doing their ... or doing family activities, which we also have. Because If you are old, you will find what you are looking for to our club. A club that wants to accompany you all your life.

Excellence inspires us

We want to improve continuously and for that Our management is inspired by models of excellence such as EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). We govern for ours own ethical code, our corporate values ​​and our principles of action. We try to be sensitive and listen to the needs of our interest groups: our workers, subscribers and users, families, suppliers, collaborating entities. We pay annual accounts of our activity through different ones audits, and evaluate satisfaction, both employees and subscribers. And attending the beginning of informative transparency, we publish all our activity and our results through the Annual Management Report.

Committed to society

That is why we go beyond sport by assuming ours corporate social responsibility and transmitting it to all corners of the entity. We dedicate a part of our resources (economic, material or human) to promote sport where it is more inaccessible i We help collectives and people at risk of exclusion. We try to create synergies with social entities to achieve a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world. We are sensitive to social exclusion.

We are involved with our environment

We have an open attitude i We are involved in the associative life of the neighborhoods where are our clubs We actively participate in the Major Festivities, we maintain close ties to Relationship with schools and other entities in the environment, we sign sponsorship agreements to promote programs and projects for the benefit of the neighborhood ... Because We believe in involvement, by making neighborhood and in the social fabric.

We make our way to a green entity

We are becoming a "green entity". We are signers of the "Citizen Commitment for Sustainability"Promoted by the Barcelona City Council and we have unfolded a program that contemplates eco-efficiency measures In the operation of the centers and other actions such as the Green Office, the selective waste collection or responsible purchasing. Because it is also our responsibility to have care of the environment.

We are a Catalan entity and we make neighborhood

Yes, we're here. We were born in Barcelona is 40 years old. We like our neighborhoods and their neighbors, their families and their schools. We like our city and our country. Claror, as his name suggests, is a Catalan entity, and one hundred percent committed to our culture, our traditions and our language.

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