Claror: excellence and social responsibility

    A Claror are we 'More than fitness " Because in addition to offering a powerful sports offer, we advocate ethical management, based on responsibility, listening to our stakeholders and sustainable development.

    Our management is certified in the European Model of Business Excellence EFQM and is inspired by the norm of Corporate Social Responsibility SGE21.


    We aim to act from ethical way i compromised, generating positive impacts in five areas:



    EFQM management model


    The 2018, the Claror group has received the certification of the EFQM model with the maximum stamp that is awarded, with a score of 500 +.

    With this recognition, Claror became the first sports entity in the Spanish State to have the 500 + stamp, which only have a hundred companies from other business sectors.


    Claror is an entity non-profit And that already gives us a special kind. Let's watch over the skin Good government of the entity And we go beyond the legal requirements to compromise ourselves with values ​​and principles of identity and quality.

    • More than fitness

      With this expression and declination as "A powerful sports, responsible and committed offer" we summarize our principles of quality and identity.

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    • Code of conduct

      The Claror group is governed by a Code of Conduct and Good Governance that regulates the performance of professionals as well as the members of the highest governing bodies that are part of it.

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    • Transparency

      We publish all the information on our activity in the annual report. In addition, as municipal equipment managers, we are even more committed to transparency.

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    • Criminal Compliance

      A Claror we have analyzed the criminal risks and we work for their prevention. The complaint channel will soon be available, available to all stakeholders of the entity, and the Ethics Committee, which will ensure the proper functioning of the preventive measures.


    memoirs of activities

    Want to know more about Claror? Check the latest activity reports.



    - two group entities Claror We do not have a lucrative purpose, neither the Llinarsport mercantile company, governed by two social entities: the Claror Foundation and the Cooperativa del Ginebró. However we look after the economic sustainability of the project And we always want to generate surplus in order to reinvent it in the improvement of clubs, of the service, of the welfare of the team, and to contribute to the social development and the preservation of the environment.

    • Ethical finance

      We have a code of conduct in the financial field that promotes ethical finances, responsible investment and transparency in the accounts.

    • Suppliers

      We have a large number of suppliers with whom we try to build trusted links and show our concern for socially responsible management.

    • Clients

      We have a clear customer orientation and that is why we have established active listening tools and we commit ourselves to comply with the quality service commitments included in the Services Charter.



    Claror's professional team complies with the mission of the entity.

    As among People at the service of people and that is why we promote measures to achieve the welfare of the team with the challenge of becoming a "good place" to work on it.


    Our mission pursues the improvement of the quality of life for all people And this is achieved thanks to the promotion of sport for everyone but also to enter into the associative fabric of the neighborhoods and collaborating with many social entities. We consider active the active contribution to social development, the fight against inequalities and the preservation of our identity as a nation.

    • Sport for everyone

      We facilitate access to physical activity to groups that, due to health or economic reasons, suffer from a situation of vulnerability.

    • Associative fabric

      We actively participate in the social development of the territory where our Clubs are located, with alliance with many entities of the environment.

    • Social action

      We collaborate with many social entities to send their messages to our interest groups.

    • Catalanity

      Claror is a Catalan entity, independent, and committed to our culture.

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    • Committed athletes

      With this project we support initiatives that combine sport and solidarity

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    We are concerned about the preservation of the environment and that is why we are moving forward to achieve some clubs Eco-efficient, promote the circular economy and make a good management of resources and waste.

    • Calculation of emissions

      We are part of the Voluntary Agreements program to reduce CO2 emissions. A Can Caralleu we have been measuring them for years and we are in the process of joining others clubs managed

    • Energy ecoefficiency

      We buy green energy and we are implementing energy efficiency measures to reduce the consumption and the environmental impact of our activity.

    • Green office

      We seek to efficiently manage materials, consumables and resources in the areas of offices and offices.

    • R + R + R

      We promote the reduction, recycling and reuse and provide a second life to those materials that are no longer useful in its first purpose.

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