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Committed athletes

At Claror we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of many people of all ages, educating in certain values ​​to the youngest, to ensure the health of the elderly. And that is a privilege.

And we are aware that practicing a sport or physical activity always involves an effort for those who do it. A physical effort but also of certainty, of achieving challenges, of sacrifices ... An effort that is always rewarded at the individual or team level and that we would now like to find a reward at a social and community level.

The "Compromised Athlete" project seeks to promote initiatives to promote a social return for us, at your own, effort.

The Claror Clubs are already a great family and now, more than ever, we want to strengthen ties of responsibility and commitment with those who most need us.

Initiatives in which you can participate as "Claror"

  • BML (100 initial euros if you sign up for Claror)

    Impulse: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

    The Barcelona Magic Line that organizes the San Juan de Dios Hospital every year is a non-competitive solidarity journey. Explore seven emblematic hills of Barcelona, ​​each one linked to a cause. On the one hand, the sport challenge consists of completing the route that can be from 10, 20 or 30 km. The other challenge is solidarity, as each team commits to raising funds for the Hospital's social projects. In this case, there is no minimum or maximum amount. If you try to make one and participate as Claror send us an email athletescompromesos@claror.cat

    More information: http://www.barcelonamagicline.org

  • Trailwalker (200 initial euros if you sign up for Claror)

    Impulse: Oxfam Intermón

    The Trailwalker is a test in which teams of 4 people (plus 2 of Intendance) have to walk 100 kilometers in a maximum time of 32 hours. The solidarity challenge is that each team gets 1.500 euros that will be earmarked entirely for projects to eradicate the poverty of Oxfam Intermón. Check out the advantages of signing up for Claror!

    More information: http://trailwalker.oxfamintermon.org/ca

  • Night of water

    Impulse: Unicef

    From Claror, we have joined the campaign 'The night of water' promoted by UNICEF and aims to support and collect funds for the NGO programs carried out in relation to water, sanitation and water Hygiene in developing countries. And it is that there are more than 1.400 children who die every day due to the lack of drinking water and sanitation. If you want to support the cause, you can sign up for the special Night Bath that we make every year in one of our sports clubs.

    More information: http://www.lanitdelaigua.org

  • Mulla't for Multiple Slides

    Impulse: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

    Every year we get involved in the Mulla't campaign! driven by the Multiple Gliding Foundation. Our clubs have joined each other so that we can collect many funds to fight against multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease. In July, we encourage you to come swim a few meters and collaborate financially with the Fundación Esclerosis Múltiple by donating or purchasing some of the merchandise elements designed by Kukuxumusu that you will find at your Claror club.

    More information: http://www.fem.es/Mullat-per-la-esclerosi-multiple.aspx

Initiatives of solidarity athletes

Do you participate in other sports initiatives in solidarity?

We help you to disseminate them! Send us the following information to athletescompromesos@claror.cat and we visualize them

  • First and last name
  • Club and subscriber number
  • Title and explanation of the event
  • A horizontal photo
  • Concert in favor of the BML

    The two teams registered at the Barcelona Magic Line as Claror_intrepides will organize a solidarity concert next Saturday 21 in February to collect funds for projects of the Social Work of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

    It will be at 20 hours at the Civic Center La Sedeta. There will be the band of blues, pop and rock 'Sonics'. The solidarity tickets: 5 € the adults, XNUMx € the youngsters and free for children.

    More information: http://www.barcelonamagicline.org/ca/equip/209

  • Sale of BML products

    You have not signed up for the BML but would you like to collaborate with the projects of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu?

    Then you can easily buy the merchandise of the solidarity walk.

    On Sunday, 22 February, from 9 to 14 hours, the two Claror_Intrepides team will be at Claror Cartagena selling merchandise for the cause.

    Get closer that you can also watch the Judo Children's Tournament!