Decalogue of values

ethical code

It collects the basic values ​​of a universal nature, which inspire the common interests common to the different groups that come together in the Foundation with the intention of being respected both within the entity and in the relationship that it maintains with its different environments.

- Integrity. Coherence between what is said and what is being done.
- Credibility. Reliability of the expectations deposited in the entity.
- Equity. Equitable distribution of loads and benefits.
- Dialogue. Possibility of participation and mechanisms of consensus among the different groups involved and affected.
- Transparency. Veracity, intelligibility and accessibility in internal and external communication structures.
- Dignity Respect and promotion of human rights and the values ​​implied in the reciprocal recognition of people.
- Legality. Compliance with laws and legal provisions.
- Civic Commitment. Contribution to the development and welfare of the environment - social co-responsibility.
- Sustainability. Position in front of the maintenance and improvement of the environment.
- Responsibility. Ability to respond to social expectations and demands.

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