The experiences of the Dora: Do sport beyond the 90 years

Cristian González

January 22, 2013

Salvadora Gil, with 92 años, is the oldest member of the CEM Claror and also one of the people who frequents the facilities of the center to enjoy their daily dose of sport and well-being. This hobby is not new and since the 74 years, he regularly practiced sports on the advice of his little daughter, La Maravillas, whom he loves most.

The Dora, that's how they call her friends and relatives, started practicing sports shortly after the death of her husband. "After having taken my husband for sixteen years to work and work, I felt very bad and it was then when my daughter recommended me to join a gym", explains Dora, although at the beginning she does not I saw clearly because "I considered myself too great to go sport, but by insistence of the Wonders, I signed up." After returning to various sports centers in the neighborhood, Dora finished at Sport Claror, which has been paid for six years now.

Whenever you can never miss your daily appointment with Txela Inness, your room technique at Claror. "It is very important for me to come every morning because it helps me to be fit and also to feel active through a training program," acknowledges Dora, who recommends to all women and men of the third Age that does not make the mistake of staying at home and making a sedentary life. "I am very proud of what I do and I encourage all the elderly to do the same because it is the secret to enjoying a good quality of life and keeping you active until the body holds."

Over the years, Dora has tried almost everything: gymnastics, treadmill, static bicycle, fitness machines, yoga, tai-chi ..., but lately you can only do arm exercises and a bit of stretching. to maintain elasticity and balance, since some time ago the doctors told him that he was wearing the hip and had to slow down. «That's why Txela has recommended that you leave the tape and the bicycle and opt for a smoother exercise.»

The result of so many years of well-orientated physical activity is a person who is over ninety years old but who transmits youth and vitality on all four sides. Dora is very much appreciated for all the Claror's employees who know her and also for all the people who frequent the center. «It is very important for me to feel loved and here I am at home».

When you ask him what is his secret he tells us that it is none other than that of persevering. "I have always had a lot of willpower," says Dora, adding that "many days I feel bad but I always make an effort and I take it because I want to come here, do my exercises, talk with people and meet new people . »
The case of Dora leaves many people surprises. "You can not believe that you come every day, except at weekends, and when they see that I do, they make you mad, but I tell you what it is you have to do; Although I find myself in bad shape, I take a Gateau and I'm ready. »

When I finished the interview, he asked me if he wanted the elevator to tell me and said: "Nothing that is young, I will go down the stairs, as I have always done." Genius and figure, Mrs. Gil. Undoubtedly one of the most charismatic characters of the Claror.

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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