Join Move It! The new fashion of functional training

January 22, 2013

Within the constant evolution of the sport, a concept that may not be well known is still Move It, a training system that, through a wide variety of sports equipment, aims to energize the sessions in the room to starting from a functional job. This mode is becoming increasingly practicing.

What is intended with functional training or Move It is to improve physical capacities such as cardiorespiratory resistance, muscle strength, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility or balance and accuracy. It seeks to maximize our possibilities and the performance of each one of the previous parameters from a work that is global and not faced with only one or two.

The main feature of this work system, which seeks to move and exercise the whole body, is that all the exercises that are done are what we could say functional; that is, exercises that are done in our daily activity and that the body works as a whole and not in isolated parts.

Each session must be varied and short-lived. There are not two identical workouts. Training is done at high intensity to make the most of it. The vital factors are motivation and personal improvement. We can say that the most important concepts when doing a training like this are functionality, variation and intensity.

Each training adapts to the level of the person who carries out it. There are programs for elite athletes, which include five or six days a week in cycles of three days of training followed by a rest period. And there are also programs for people of lesser degree or who are just beginning and that are based on three days a week with alternate patterns of one day of training followed by a rest period.

Each session has a duration that can range from thirty to forty-five or sixty minutes with a high intensity. In an hour's day the structure would consist, for example, in a first part of between ten and twenty minutes in which stretching would begin, the cardiovascular rhythm would progressively increase and technique exercises would be performed. The second part of the session has a much higher intensity level and the whole body would work, with a duration of between fifteen and thirty minutes. Finally, there would be a third part of between ten and fifteen minutes in which they would work abdominals and stretching, and to finish the return to calm.

The material that would be used in these sessions is quite different and differs in some way from what we are accustomed to finding in a much more conventional training room. We find it from buttocks or dumbbells to kettlebells (small pieces with bell-shaped) or suspension tapes, through the Olympic bars or fitballs and medicinal balls, among many other materials. All this wide range will help us to make the training sessions in the room more varied and dynamic.

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