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January 22, 2013

At the moment, in the sport centers a multitude of directed activities distributed by the same sport technicians are made. In this article we will focus on muscle toning activities, as there is a wide variety of names and nomenclatures.

The wide variety of names and nomenclatures given to muscle toning activities can make confusing users about the differences between activities and others.

Some of the many toning activities carried out in sports centers are: toning, GAC, abs, TBC, pitch pump, and stretch tone variants, tone arms, bosu tone and spin tone. Each of these activities works on muscle toning, but to help you understand something better each activity we will do five cents.

Toning is the main and basic activity for excellence, on which the rest of the toning activities are based. During the whole session, series and repetitions of different exercises are carried out with the resistance of diverse material, or of the body itself. In one session, the whole body works, from the upper limbs, through the trunk, to the lower limbs.

The GAC is another of the basic activities of muscle toning. The main difference with the toning is that in the GAC only the buttocks, the abs and legs are worked, for that reason the name of GAC.

Another activity is abs. As the name suggests, only the abdominal muscles work during the thirty minutes of the session. You can also work on the lumbar muscles, to compensate for the abdominal work and download a little this area.

In the case of the TBC it is where the subject begins to complicate a little. The TBC, which means global work of the body's overall physical condition, combines a global toning job (upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs) of about ten minutes, with cardiovascular training, lasting approximately five minutes.

The pump tone is an activity that is based on the most basic toning, but it combines exercises of specific muscle groups (pectoral, dorsal, shoulder, abs, arms and legs) that will be repeated for one or two songs, while we follow the Rhythm. Once this work is done, the same thing is repeated with the rest of the muscular groups.

From there, there are many variants, as many as they can be combined with a certain logic. Within these we can find the tone stretch, which combines toning with stretching or stretch, or tone arms, a toning activity in which only the upper part of the body works (biceps, triceps, shoulder and a little the chest and the backbone).
Other variants of toning activities are the boson tone, in which all the exercises are done with the bosu (half ball) and the spin tone, cardiovascular activity and toning, where the practice of spinning with toning is combined of different muscle groups of the body.

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