Now everybody dancing! Join the fashion of dance!

29 May, 2013

Who has not danced sometime in his life? Who has not been allowed to bring music? We all have the rhythm inside, and it transports us to the memory of special moments. We have all seen our children, brothers, neighbors or friends dancing at festivals and school holidays.

Dance is the stage art in which the body is united with music to express emotions in movement, and that is why it is more than just a sporting discipline. Students love it, makes them feel special and gives us the opportunity to focus on their training, especially in adolescence, to integrate values ​​with physical activity. But we must take into account the peculiarities of this stage, in which the adolescent is immersed in a time of change.

With dance we create ties, work together as a team and show students that effort can achieve everything.

Dance has many benefits: cardiovascular work, toning, stretching and flexibility, respiratory control, postural, space and improvement of memorization. But dancing is much more than all these concepts common to many physical or sporting activities.

Not long ago, some students of Dance-Young talked about the years that made them known, since many started dancing with me when they were five (now they have sixteen!). More than ten years doing the same activity ... What a degree of commitment and fidelity! Taking advantage of this conversation, I asked them what it meant for them to learn to dance. His response was: "Fun, disconnecting from problems, freeing stress, making friends, companionship, complicity, teamwork and the experience of learning new choreographies."

As it is a stage art, dance is on stage. They are parents, families and friends who can enjoy each year, festival after festival, about everything they have learned during the year. These moments are very special: "It has helped us to lose shame, to believe in us, to gain self-esteem and security."
For years, an extensive dance program has been introduced in the schools where the Claror Foundation participates, offering it as an out-of-school activity.

The CEM Sagrada Família and Claror have modern dance courses for young people: initiation, children and young people. In addition, in the summer, the Campus Dansa is held, which closes the course.
There are also different groups for adults. Everybody can dance without differences of age, culture or sex. We have to let ourselves be carried away by the dance and set aside stereotypes. We will discover very important values ​​and we will be able to deepen, such as perseverance, effort, fun and enthusiasm.

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