A group of Saharan children visit Claror every summer

Cristian González

29 May, 2013

Thanks to the collaboration between the Claror Foundation and the Gràcia association with the Sahara, each July a group of Sahrawi children participate in summer camps organized by CEM Claror. This initiative is included in the Vacances en Pau project, promoted by the Catalan Association of Friends of the Sahrauí People (ACAPS).

Everything began the year 2001, when a group of families of the district of Gràcia that were known through the associations of mothers and fathers of the schools of the neighborhood were interested in the Vacances en Pau project, which promoted throughout Catalonia, ACAPS. "We decided to take it forward to our neighborhood and, in fact, all of us who promoted it already knew the project for friends that we had had tried before, with very satisfactory experiences," explains Mireia Abril Janer, president of Gràcia with the Sahara. The first year they hosted three children, but with time the number has increased. «The 2012 came in again and for that 2013 we wait for eight.»

The Vacances en Pau project is a welcome program during summer vacations (July and August) for children from six to twelve. «For organizational issues, the first years are going to Italy and here in Catalonia they do not come until they have eight, although they usually tend to repeat up to four summers followed», explains Mireia.

From the two months that they are with the host families, in July they go to summer homes at the CEM Claror, where they play with other children and play recreational and sporting activities outdoors, which goes well because they are children They are used to doing a lot of exercise. "He thinks foster families have to work and they can not be all day for them," recognizes Mireia. On the other hand, in August they usually go on vacation with the family and when they spend more time together.

«We collaborate with CEM Claror from 2011 and we are very satisfied. The nanos spend a lot of time doing pool, hiking, participate in activities and workshops and play with children of their age. They burn a lot of energy. There are days that end up bursting, "explains Mireia.

Project costs are scattered. "We pay the return flight ticket for the child, we make the medical check-up and medication that you may need, free of charge, and cover the 10% of the cost of the July property to CEM Claror. The remaining 90% is assumed by the Claror Foundation, managing entity of the center. »The foster family is in charge of the accommodation, maintenance, clothing and the suitcase of twenty pounds with premium materials Need for when the child returns with the family of origin. And if the foster family makes a trip during the holidays, they are also responsible for the expenses.

For both host families and those of origin it is a very positive experience. Some serve them to educate their own children with solidarity values, and for others it is very useful to improve the wellbeing of their children and to publicize the harsh conditions in which they live.

«In addition, with the medical check-ups we make, we detect celiac disease, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or hepatitis, and also sun vision and caries due to lack of water are very common sight problems», explains Mireia.

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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