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Miguel Ángel Martínez

2 October, 2013

Many of us go to a sports center with a very clear desire, but we do not know how to make it happen. Now Claror centers make it very easy for you. We have designed a set of eight services, so that the time you spend to change your lifestyle is 100% profitable.

All of us who are sporting or we want to make are very clear about the reasons. We want to feel good, lose weight, disconnect, stay with friends, improve our looks ... But we do not always have so clear which of the multiple options offered by sports centers are related to our desires. To the clubs Claror we have developed a specific methodology for each need. We have very clear what you need, and we have designed a strategy to achieve this. We believe that you can achieve everything you propose and we want to help you achieve it in the fastest, most efficient and safe way possible.
From now on, we want every second to go to the Claror centers to be profitable for you, we think that each minute that you dedicate to us should be directed towards achieving your goals. That's why we have designed an innovative service model that, for only 35 euros, helps you to move forward quickly, more effectively and securely towards your goals. In addition, during the months of September and October we will offer it for free for everyone.
A program in 3 dimensions
When we go to a center we go with a clear idea of ​​what type of service we want to receive. We decide early if we will do activities, pool or train in the fitness rooms. However, we can use all the spaces, all the options and, in addition, enjoy a more complete and attractive service. At our centers, we offer you how you can achieve your goal by using all the services available from the center. You will move faster and you will have a better time. We propose you a complete training with a focus of three hundred and sixty degrees!
Why five steps?
Achieving what you propose is not difficult, but it requires time, discipline and effort. The steps represent the path you have to go through. At each step, we make you an increasingly demanding program, a new challenge, but it will also represent a surpassed stage. This is a path we must do together. As time passes, you will be closer to the end, and when you finish you will not be the same again. You'll find yourself a little better every day. Add life to years and years in life. At the end of the five steps, you will be with us for almost twelve months.
Can you imagine how you can be different within a year if you start today? Activa't offers you eight different options: Press, Modify, Reinforce, Vitalify yourself, Relax, Muscle yourself, Prepare and Recover.
Press yourself
If you want to reduce your weight, there is no better way to achieve it. During the five steps we will work to achieve your ideal weight, but also to make your metabolism more efficient and it is harder for you to gain weight again. Not only will you lose weight, but we will work to protect your body from recovering.
Model yourself
Many times we are happy with our weight, but we would like to have a more attractive appearance and without increasing muscle volume excessively. In other words, you want to define your silhouette. We will design an integral plan in five steps to change your body.
Strengthen yourself
If you find that your muscles do not have the right level of strength to cope with day-to-day tasks, but your desire does not respond to aesthetics, we can design a global program that increases muscle resistance.
Vitalify yourself
Do you find that you do not have the energy level you had before? Do you reach the end of the day too tired? Although you seem to lie, the answer to this need is exercising. In the first steps you will probably have the feeling that exercise is not done for you, but at the end of the journey you will have the energy to eat the world.
Do you want to learn to disconnect or relax the mind and muscles? Is your work very stressful, is it surrounded by noise or has a strong physical wear component? If you want to learn to "shut down" your mind and body we have the resources and tools to achieve it.
Would you like to have a more athletic picture? Do you want to increase the volume of the muscles and reduce the percentage of fat to the maximum? Increasing the muscular volume safely, efficiently and effectively requires controlling the dose of effort according to the stage of the training in which we are. It is very important to have good advice, and we will give it to you.
Prepare yourself
What is your next sport challenge? Do your first triathlon? Finish a marathon? A trip to the sea? A one-week bike exit? Are you ready for the next season? More and more people are aiming for an important sports challenge. To successfully overcome it, but also to enjoy the experience, you need to condition the body previously, ensure progress and prevent the onset of injury. This program is the best way to prepare a sporting event or your favorite sport.
Get back
Are you from an injury? Do you have any discomfort, pain or limitations of movement? Are you in period of pregnancy, pregnancy out or do you recover from an intervention? With the Recupera't program you will be able to enjoy the sport in optimum conditions.
How will you get it?
The Claror system raises the achievement of the objective that you mark based on a five-step training. The first objective to achieve is to restore the habit of exercising on a regular basis, since if we do not establish a discipline we will not achieve the desired results. Thus, in the first weeks we will greatly emphasize the need for you to be regular in training days and hours. In this way, in the first step, we focus on the psychological part of the training, but without forgetting your needs and your motivations to do sport.
Once we have achieved that exercise is one of your priorities, we will look into adaptations on your muscles, joints and metabolism. In this second step we want to prepare the body so that it can move faster in later stages. We are laying the foundation for building a tough building.
In the third step we will focus on getting your body to support demanding training, so that we will gradually increase intensity. Although you will find yourself better from the first day, at this stage is when you will begin to perceive changes more clearly.
In the fourth stage of the training, we focus on asking your body to be able to maintain intense workouts that allow us to move quickly to your goals. In this phase you will feel like a Ferrari, you will find it to the fullest and your body will work like a Swiss watch.
And what's left finally? The fifth stage, which is consolidation. We will work on the metabolism of your body so that the changes produced are kept as long as possible, so that you can enjoy periods of short inactivity (such as holidays, for example), without undergoing abrupt changes in your physical condition. But do not neglect yourself! With health and sports there are no miracles! We can never stop
Everyone must do the same?
Many will ask you if everyone has to start with the first step. Not everyone has the same experience with sport or is in the same work or family situation. That's why we customize the strategy to your needs and possibilities.
On the other hand, the state and level of physical condition is unique and training must also be done. Not only must the exercises be properly selected, but we must customize how to do them, adjust the dose of effort precisely, apply the appropriate rest ... We will educate you and teach you how to train differently each day, since you are not only unique, but every day the organism lives different situations and the same can not always be done. For example, a modification as simple as changing the training schedule radically changes the response of your body.
Not only will we give you ten training. We will teach you to identify the responses of your body, and the training will be 100% effective. We do not want you to spend a second useless with us. Al Claror cooks the author with the training.
Who will help you?
Our professionals are the key element. You can ask for personal advice at the reception desk of your center; The service is included in the subscription fee and you will come out with an action plan and online training program with your goal. We will be waiting for you, please let us know when it's time to change the program, we will modify the content, we will resize the loads and keep you hooked.

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Miguel Ángel Martínez

Master in Physiology. Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Superior Technician in Animation of Physical-Sports Activities

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