Claudio: "The marine physiotherapists have changed my life"

Cristian González

2 October, 2013

Claudio Leonardo Arriondo (Buenos Aires, 1973) tells us in what difficult personal circumstances he knew the Maritime and how the center has helped him over two years to overcome the harsh consequences that followed him as a result of a brutal overturning I suffered a tragic 19 from May of 2010 in Barcelona.

The story of Claudio is an example of overcoming. This Argentinian arrived in Barcelona in the 2000 year saw 2010 as his life turned around when he suffered a run down in Barcelona when he was about to cross the street through a pedestrian crossing. The car ran away without even helping him. "I was one month in a coma and they had to rebuild the two piglets and the bush. I was five months in the hospital. For a time I was prostrated in a wheelchair. In addition, I have the left left collarbone and various affections on the shoulder bladder, the dummy, two centimeter displacement of the hip and cache problems. I even had to remove several organs. I have already operated twelve times and I am waiting for them to do it again. "
When the discharge of the hospital was received, the long recovery process began. It was when Ignasi, a rehabilitation companion, recommended the Maritime. "At first I got busy with him because he did not see a solution to my situation. I thought I would stay in a wheelchair. But then I decided to visit the center, I met Dr. Marta Coll and began to do physiotherapy in the water as a complement to my rehabilitation process at the hospital. It came every day and by surprise I managed to keep myself standing in the water. I cried out of emotion. »
This fact greatly encouraged Claudio. "I started to do a lot of work in the pool by muscular legs and have more and more strength. At first I could only keep my toes standing inside the water, but I was evolving until finally I managed to get out of my wheelchair and be able to raise the 12 steps on the floor where I live. Now I'm on the road without needing anything. Thanks to the Maritime I became aware that I could recover and I am getting it. »
Claudio now visits the Maritime four times a week and exercises in the water to muscular his legs but never without overloading them. They should be exercises that support your muscles. "I do weightless gymnastics, a static bike, a treadmill, but never without force." On the other hand, physiotherapists do not stop giving advice that allows them to avoid postural discomforts. It also follows the indications of the nutrition advisory service because at first it weighed about one hundred pounds and now weighing eighty-three.
«I have many things to thank for the Maritime. My life has changed me. Above all I want to emphasize the sympathy and the human quality of physiotherapists and the staff of the center in general. When I needed help with the wheelchair, there was always someone willing to give me a hand. "For Claudius, the human aspect is essential. «For a time I paid for another center that I had left at home. He paid ninety euros and the pool was fine, but two months later I left it because I noticed that I lacked the most important thing: the warmth of the people. At the Maritime you have it. Here you feel a person, you feel valued. We are a family. I have made friends and I have a good relationship with the center's employees. "

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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