Claudio: «The physiotherapists of the Marítim they have changed my life »

Cristian González

2 October, 2013

Claudio Leonardo Arriondo (Buenos Aires, 1973) tells us in what difficult personal circumstances he met the Marítim and how the center has helped him over the course of two years to overcome the severe consequences that were left to him as a result of a brutal hit and run that suffered a tragic May 19, 2010 in Barcelona.

The story of Claudius is an example of overcoming. This Argentine, who arrived in Barcelona in 2000, saw his life turned upside down in 2010 when he was hit in Barcelona when he was about to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing. The car fled without even rescuing him. “I was in a coma for a month and I had to rebuild my two tibias and fibula. I was in the hospital for five months. For a while I was prostrate in a wheelchair. In addition, I have a broken left collarbone and various injuries to the shoulder blade, humerus, two centimeters of hip movement and problems in the coccyx. I even had to have several organs removed. I've been operated on twelve times and I'm waiting for them to do it again. "
When he was discharged from the hospital the long recovery process began. That's when Ignasi, a rehab partner, recommended him Marítim. “At first I was angry with him because he saw no solution to my situation. I thought I would stay in a wheelchair. But then I decided to visit the center, interviewed Dr. Marta Coll, and began doing water physiotherapy as a complement to my hospital rehabilitation process. He came every day and to my surprise I managed to stay afloat. I cried with emotion. ” 
This fact greatly encouraged Claudius. “I started doing a lot of work in the pool to muscle my legs and get stronger and stronger. At first I could only stand on tiptoe in the water, but I kept evolving until in the end I managed to get up from the wheelchair and be able to climb the 12 steps of the floor where I live. Now I walk without needing anything. Thanks to the Marítim I realized that I could recover and I'm getting it. "
Now Claudio visits the Marítim four times a week and do exercises in the water to muscle the legs but never without overloading them. They should be exercises that support your muscles. "I do weightless gymnastics, exercise bike, treadmill, but never without forcing." On the other hand, physiotherapists do not stop giving you tips that allow you to avoid postural discomfort. It also follows the instructions of the nutritional advice service because at first it weighed about a hundred kilos and now it weighs eighty-three. 
“I have a lot to thank the Marítim. It has changed my life. Above all I want to highlight the friendliness and human quality of the physiotherapists and the staff of the center in general. When I needed help with a wheelchair, there was always someone willing to help me. ” For Claudio the human aspect is fundamental. “For a while I paid for another center that was closer to home. I paid ninety euros and the pool was fine, but two months later I left it because I realized I was missing the most important thing: the warmth of the people. In the Marítim you have it. Here you feel like a person, you feel valued. We are a family. I have made friends and I have a very good relationship with the workers at the center. ”

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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