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Miguel Ángel Martínez

3 February, 2014

Slimming or modeling the silhouette is one of our main desires. It is not an easy task, the human body adapts to the needs of the environment and lifestyle, and it is necessary to stimulate our metabolism to achieve more mobilization and use of fatty acids in the muscle. The best way to achieve this is to use the most effective and efficient methods, such as FIT90, based on the latest scientific advances.

FIT90 is a training proposal that uses the HIIT method. The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training or High Intermitent Training Interval) is born from the world of sports training. The first athlete who used the fractionally successful methods (the HIIT is a way to organize fractional training) was Emile Zatopek, and generated a revolution in sport with his results. Subsequently, the fractional workouts have been used to improve performance in many sports; And in recent years, the effects on the recovery of various pathologies, such as cardiovascular and metabolic, have been investigated, and by reducing the percentage of body fat, with very positive results.
HIIT has changed the way we face weight loss programs. Traditionally, it was considered that in order to burn fat, more than 30-40 minutes of continued aerobic exercise were needed. Lately, the publication of articles on HIIT training and its effects have changed the paradigm of professionals, who begin to prescribe intermittent, short and high intensity training to modify the body composition of their clients.
The articles published in scientific journals that have investigated the effects of this method have shown very important adaptations from the cellular and systemic point of view that favor the loss of weight and the reduction of fat. They also show an increase in the concentration of fatty acids in the blood, that is, having more fat availability to use. Another phenomenon detected is the increase in the number and size of mitochondria, which are the energy center of the cells and use the fatty acids to turn them into energy. Finally, there is also an increase in oxygen consumption, a combustor necessary to transform fatty acids into energy, among others.
These effects have been found in studies (see the attached bibliography), which shows that people who have used HIIT methods have achieved significant improvements compared to individuals who have used traditional training methods.
It is a very qualitative workout
Being high intensity stimuli, it allows us to reduce the time that we have to devote to training to achieve results. Twice a week and 45 minutes per session is a very sustainable dose of effort that allows you to follow the program without problems.agenda, which generates great satisfaction. With the FIT90 proposal, in three months you can change your body.
FIT90 groups a group of twelve people with a common goal following detailed training guidelines. There are three 30 days training cycles, with a progressive and growing level of demand to ensure that our body does not get worse in the improvement.
The person in charge of controlling the process is a technician specially trained in HIIT training and the FIT90 proposal. Supervise and adapt the sessions for each individual and respond to your doubts, so that each session is optimized for each person. For this reason, it is necessary that it be a stable group (the same people), in a medium-term project (90 days, twice a week) and incorporate a follow-up of the evolution of each individual (with a specialized technician and one personal tracking tab).
Pioneers in the creation of programs for group goals
At Club Claror we believe that each person is different and we need to find new ways to customize the training and improve their results. In addition, they must be economically accessible. For only 3,75 euros in the session, you will have a personalized training supervised by a specialist formed in exercise programs for weight loss. It is as if, between all, hire a personal trainer for three months. Being always the same, with the same goal, can be achieved.
The FIT90 proposal has been developed entirely by our innovation team, which has designed the structure and evolution of the different sessions. He is also in charge of the training of the technicians who carry out the sessions and allows to follow closely the progression of each one of the users.
In 90 days, a new body ready for the summer
FIT90 is the best proposal to enjoy a spectacular body this summer. A very adjusted investment in time and money for each session. You will enjoy personalized follow-up, an effective training system that is scientifically tested and supervised by a specialist.
You can not fail. Test FIT90!
To know more ...
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