We're talking about the body balance and body combat of Les Mills!

11 February, 2014

A few months after joining the Club Claror de la Zumba and the new activities of Les Mills (aquadynamic, body pump and CXWORX), now it has to talk about two new activities already done in some of our clubs: the body balance (a Claror Cartagena) and the body combat (in Sardinia, Cartagena, Marítim, Can Caralleu and Llinars).

If you are thinking of doing a soft but demanding activity, we recommend that you try the body balance, an activity created by Les Mills that combines stretching, muscle toning, postural correction and relaxation in the same session. Because it is inspired by the work of yoga, pilates and tai-chi techniques, a very complete physical and mental work is achieved.
With body balance you reduce stress, improve strength and flexibility, balance, posture and concentration. Body balance sessions are aesthetically impressive, as movements are made with choreographies at the rhythm of a song, specially selected for each track or part of the session.
Each session has ten tracks
Tai Chi-yoga heating, yoga-based legs work, balances, hips openings, abs, back work, twists, stretching and the last ten minutes of class are reserved for relaxation and meditation, which bring both benefits Psychological as physiological benefits and enhance the effects of the exercises done during the class.
To practice body balance, you do not need to know yoga or be flexible. The sessions are designed for people of all levels.
Body combat
On the contrary, if the war goes on and you need to burn stress, your choice must be the body combat. You will work on a type of aerobic exercise, which involves high caloric wear in each class. During an hour you will participate in choreographies that include boxing, karate, kick boxing, full contact and taekwondo movements.
During the session you play a lot with the music, since with each song a different muscular group works. Each song has an assigned choreography and it stays over time, about three months, so that you become familiar with the rhythms and you can concentrate to work harder.
The benefits of body combat are many:
- You will improve coordination
- You will improve the resistance
- You will improve flexibility and balance
- You will improve the position
- You will improve stability
- You will improve the physical condition in general, both strength and aerobic capacity
- It will help you lose weight because it contributes to a very high calorie wear
The sessions are very fun. You do not have to be an athlete or be super-trained.
Here's a brief video of the activity so that you're talking:
If you want to do these activities remember that the clubs Claror we offer for free in our grid of activities for subscribers. Check all the hours a www.claror.cat

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