We explain three circuits to run for Barcelona

Juanjo Zabala

28 May, 2014

Running through the city of Barcelona can become a real exercise of creativity if those who run are not willing to give up a number of advantages in the chosen circuit.
There are many elements that can turn the itinerary into a supposition, if we have not done correctly the different elections: how many traffic lights are I prepared to endure? How many cars? Asphalt or sand? With uphill or not?
Many times, before these questions, the runners choose to always do the same circuit, which is usually much boring and can cause us to fall into the abandonment.
Fortunately, there are currently many pages on the Internet that offer us different circuits, classified by distances and with details, sometimes, such as the accumulated difference.
With this article, we propose three circuits that meet the following conditions:
1. All three come out of it Claror Sardenya.
2. They pass through well-known and easy-to-follow streets, it is very difficult to get lost!
3. Although it is impossible that there are no traffic lights, these will not result in a loss of time, in general, either because of the little traffic or because they will be very coordinated.
4. You can do the short version (8 km) or the long (10 km).
5. From the first to the third there is a progression of difficulty, with the element increasing unevenly.
1. Coastal circuit
A very simple route to follow, without any technical complication and with great lines to take continuity. The descent on the Sardenya street towards the sea must be done on the Besòs side, in order to connect the crossing of Avenida Diagonal well. You will enjoy all the coastline.
If you want to take the 8 km route, the circuit is the same, but instead of going up to Avinguda Diagonal on carrer Josep Pla, you must do it before, on the Rambla del Poblenou.
2. Circuit Can Dragó
This route will allow you to start entering gradients, with two different variants: if you start Sardenya down, you will have a circuit end with a smooth and continuous climb. If you do it in the opposite direction, starting rising in Sardinia, you will face an ascent of about 3 minutes, short but intense, which will make you enjoy after a prolonged and pleasant descent.
Regarding the version of 8 km, it's all the same, but you will climb Paseo Fabra i Puig instead of turning to Can Dragó.
3. Circuit Parc Güell
Without a doubt, it is the most demanding circuit, since both the climb up to the park and the round trip will face different levels, some of which are of a certain intensity.
The interior vault in the park is very easy to follow, since it is only about following the most obvious path. There is only one point to take into account, which is the turnoff to the hill of the three crossings, just before the exit door of the park (finished the first straight line thrown into the park). In short, it's a pretty logical park, always in the park. The 8 km version means doing two laps inside the park and then returning. The 10 km version, three laps.

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Juanjo Zabala

Operational Director of the Claror Marítim

Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (UI1). Diploma in Teaching in Physical Education (URLL). Master's Degree in Economic Management of Sports Centers (UB).

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