If you do sports, learn to moisturize

Neus Vives

18 in June, 2014

Inseparable from physical activity and sport, the action of moisturizing is essential for our health when we train. Keep in mind that our body needs water, especially when we carry out activities that imply an effort.

Why do you have to get it posted?
1. Water is one of the most important nutrients.
2. Approximately, a 60% of the body is made up of water.
3. Helps regulate body temperature.
4. It facilitates the transport of nutrients to the organism.
5. It facilitates the proper functioning of the digestive tract.
6. Helps to improve constipation problems.
7. It facilitates good kidney function and can prevent the risk of kidney stones.
8. It regulates the mechanism of the set. When you have thirst you have lost 1% of weight.
9. Moisturizes the skin, which is composed of 71% water.
10. Drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day, provided there is no medical contraindication.
And if you are an athlete ...
1. Drinking water during sports practice is very important, since the body can lose up to three liters of water.
2. Water forms part of the 70% of the muscle tissue and, therefore, adequate hydration helps prevent lesions from soft parts.
3. The need for hydration may vary depending on the duration of the exercise, the intensity, the environmental conditions and the individual characteristics.
4. If you are too much you will have to increase the amount of water.
5. You have to drink between hours throughout the day. If you wait to have thirsty you are already beginning to dehydrate.
6. Drinks with caffeine or gas are not advised and, above all, do not drink alcohol after exercising, as it acts as a diuretic. You also do not take anti-inflammatory 24 hours before or six hours after intense exercise, because they favor sodium removal (Na).
7. Watch with sweet drinks: they delay the gastric emptying and decrease the absorption of water.
8. Prehydration: In exercises that do not allow ingestion during activity and in a hot environment, it is advised to drink fresh water four hours before making the urine very clear. If you do not get it, drink two or three glasses again two hours before.
9. During the exercise, drink 100-250 ml of water each 15-30 min.
10. If activity lasts longer than one hour, low energy concentrated drinks (6-8% of carbohydrates) or diluted fruit juices are recommended.
11. After the exercise, it replenishes liquids immediately in individually-adapted amounts. Respect the rule of replacing the amount of weight loss for 1,5 during the next 6 hours. It consumes energy drinks with carbohydrates and electrolytes, as they facilitate the recovery of glycogen.
12. In activities that do not allow you to stop or use your hands to drink (bike, climbing, cross-country skiing, races ...) you have the option of the water bottle with dosing tube (CamelBak type).

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Neus Vives

Head of the Health Department of Claror Cartagena

Medical specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine (UB)

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