Toning and muscle resistance

Sergi Mateu

3 November, 2003

Toning work is one that increases the muscular tone, that is, it strengthens and makes the muscle fibers more resistant according to the type of stimuli to which we are subjected.

Depending on the intensity, the duration and pause between stimuli speak of strong resistance (the intensity prevails over the duration) or of muscular resistance (the duration prevails over the intensity). We work the muscular resistance in cardiovascular activities, such as, for example, running smoothly for a while. But also in the following activities.

El Body Pump

It consists of a series of exercises of muscle resistance, practiced with a bar, with more or less weight, and coordinated with a methodology of rhythmic work, where music will be essential to motivate practitioners. They can be as hard classes as the practitioner wants, since you only need to adapt the weight with which you work. It is a good activity for those who want to achieve a good global physical form and have little time.

El Power Dumbell It is another way of calling it Body Pump. The difference is that the Body Pump It's a franchise and he Power Dumbell no. The type of work and objectives are the same.


It is an activity of recent appearance that responds to those who want to work specifically on the buttocks, abdominals and legs. The sessions can be accompanied with music.

Intense abdominals and belly dancing

Intense abdominal intensities work intensively toning the abdominal joint and the abdominal fixation muscles. Normally, sessions with music are being cried.

Another activity that works in this area of ​​the body is belly dancing, very fashionable at the moment, and that tonifies all the muscles thanks to the great variety of movements. He also works areas such as the lumbar musculature, the buttocks, the trunk, the legs and the arms. The sessions are crammed with Arab music.

Pilates Method

It is a training method that is composed of different exercises aimed at stretching the muscles with excessive muscle tone, and others with toning designed to strengthen the weakest parts of the body. Overall, it seeks the body balance between strength and capacity for muscle elongation in body segments.

Exercises are very accurate and controlled and, when done, mental and physical control is also taken into account to develop good posture, stability, strength and flexibility, especially in the trunk.

The Pilates method uses specific devices, although it can also be carried out with simpler material such as masks or towels. It is an activity that is very fashionable, but it is still another way to work and achieve specific goals that can also be achieved with other activities.

El Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

It means total body conditioning and consists of global training sessions that combine aerobics andstep With bodybuilding elements, with the use of bars, dumbbells and elastic gums. The resistance is developed at the same time muscular and cardiovascular. This activity is recommended for those who have a minimum of physical fitness.

Circuit training

It is one of the best ways to work with muscle resistance. It involves doing muscular work with repetitions or constant time in which it moves from one muscle group to another, without or with very little rest. It can be done with conventional material, although the new trends enable specific rooms, where you have to follow a tour of devices placed in a circle at the rhythm of the instructor and, usually, with music, so that the sessions are more motivating and fun The most usual form of work is that of a minute of work and ten seconds of rest that is used to change the device. Anyone can practice it, since you only need to adapt the weights you want to work with.

Gymnastics of maintenance

Improve physical capacities globally. The diversity of forms of work (games, with played forms or with localized exercises) make it a fun and motivating activity. It also works on aspects of motor perceptive qualities such as balance, orientation in time and space, coordination, laterality, breathing, relaxation and postural attitude. In this activity, the relationship between the participants is constant and physical demand is available to everyone.

Depending on the purpose or age group, gymnastic exercises may be specified to give way to other activities, such as:

La pelvic floor gymnastics, which aims to gain muscle tone in the pelvic area (to improve the support of the internal organs and control the sphincters).

L 'back school, It works the postural imbalances by toning the muscular weakness and stretching the one that is shortened. Guidelines are given to maintain correct positions throughout the day, at the time the work is individualized according to the needs of each one. It is an ideal activity for people who have back problems or who want to preserve it in the future (lumbago, scoliosis, hypercodes / lordosis, disc hernias ...)

La gym for the elderly, which focuses on joint mobility, toning down the weakest areas and breathing, relaxation and body control.

the author

Sergi Mateu

Responsible for fitness of Claror Marítim

Specialized Teacher in Physical Education (MEF), Bachelor of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (LCAFE), Master of indoor cycling instructor (Keizer), Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.

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