Do you strive to achieve your goals? The personal trainer helps you

Kiko Chaves

16 September, 2020

How many times have we set ourselves goals such as: "this week I will start going to the gym", "this year I want to lose 5 kg" or "I want to gain muscle mass" ... Surely almost everyone has ever considered signing up to a fitness club to achieve goals like these. 

That time flies by is a fact that is constantly revealed. In fact, an easy way to appreciate this is to look back and think about the different goals we have set for ourselves and analyze whether we have achieved them or whether we are still struggling to achieve them.
How many times have we set ourselves goals such as: "this week I will start going to the gym", "this year I want to lose 5 kg" or "I want to gain muscle mass" ... Surely almost everyone has ever considered signing up to a fitness club to achieve goals like these. 
If you really are clear that you want to achieve this or even if you have doubts but are willing to make an effort, the first thing you need to do is contact a physical activity and sports professional.

What are the benefits of physical activity?

Doing physical activity positively influences the improvement of:
Cardiovascular and respiratory system
Locomotive system
Reproductive system
Digestive system
Nervous system
Psychological aspects
Psychosocial aspects

The personal trainer as a guarantee of success of your goals

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a qualified person who is dedicated to individualized, personalized and adapted training, with the aim of achieving the results you have agreed on in the most effective and safe way possible.
But above all he is and will be your companion, the person who will apply all his knowledge in the field of physical activity to help you and motivate you to achieve your goals, and you will surely achieve them!

What does a personal trainer offer me?

1. Initial rating: This assessment serves as a starting point for starting to organize a training plan. The initial assessment has different parts:
  • Initial interview: data, habits, history of physical activity, personal motivations and goals.
  • Body composition analysis: Weight, BMI, percentage (%) of body fat and percentage (%) of muscle mass.
  • Assessment of asymmetries and body measurements.
  • Assessment of CF (physical ability) using different tests depending on your goals.

2. Programming: The coach will explain and give you a training program designed and developed individually, adapted to your needs and goals, so that you do the days you do not train together, and this will change as you go. that you progress.

3. Personalized and individualized training sessions

4. Motivation and attention

5. Recommendations and corrections

6. Guarantee of results

What structure will the training sessions have?

1. Preparation of the three pillars of the body: shoulder, core and hip.
2. Movement preparation (adapted to the movements that will be worked on later)
3. Strength and / or power work (30-40% of the total volume of the session)
4. DSE (Development of Energy Systems - intensity intervals)
5. Regeneration and / or recovery.

How will the personal trainer set my goals?

Goal setting is a key aspect, prior to planning an individualized training program. 
The personal trainer, as a physical activity professional, will help you set goals based on one of the most effective strategies. This method is called SMART and is an acronym commonly used in marketing to formulate business goals.
The moment when you and your Personal Trainer start to set and agree on your goals, is a very important moment, because from here everything will start, it will have a meaning and an order. You will be on the right track and well accompanied.
Setting goals using the SMART strategy
1. Specific: 'I want to lose 5 kg of weight'.
2. Measurable: 'I want to gain 10% muscle mass'.
3. Achievable (Realistic): They must be realistic, achievable.
4. Relevant: They must have an important meaning for you.
5. Time-Bound: A specific time must be defined to reach them. 

In what areas can a personal trainer help me?

Physical activity and sports professionals, like other regulated professions, have areas of work stipulated by law. 
A personal trainer can help you in the following areas:
1. Hello:
Prevention of injuries and pathologies.
Sports rehabilitation.
2. Aesthetics
Weight loss.
Muscle toning.
Muscle hypertrophy.
3. Yield
Physical preparation for sports.
So, if you are currently planning a goal related to health, aesthetics or sports performance, or if you want to change your lifestyle, remember that the practice of physical activity under the supervision of a professional qualified is a guarantee of success!
As Clubs Claror you will find the team of Personal Trainers ready to help and accompany you in this very important moment. 
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the author

Kiko Chaves

Fitness manager and personal trainer of the Claror Marítim

Intermediate degree in Conducting physical sports activities in the natural environment, Higher degree in Animation of physical sports activities (specialty in fitness and wellness) and Graduate in Sciences of physical activity and sport (specialty in sports management). I also have the title of Personal Trainer, and I trained in High Intensity Training and TRX Suspension Training.

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