Train yourself to run a mile

David Fontanet Bassas

8 in March, 2019

Whether you run long distances or start running, you must perform a specific training to run a mile, a short and fast race of 1.600 meters.

How can I prepare for a Mill if I run long distances? And what if I just started running?

In both cases it is important to know how our body works when we run and what type of musculature intervenes.
When we begin to run, we mainly use the muscles of the lower train: quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, tibial anterior and perineus. In addition, when running (and especially in short-distance races), the abdominal band takes great importance, which balances the entire trunk, and the upper limbs transfer the force to the lower limbs.

That said, we put the needle on: a mile is 1600 meters, and this means bringing our body to high intensities in no time.
Whether you do background training or if you start running, it's important to do one change of approach in your training. We also have to get used to the body with an effort in which lactic acid will intervene, which arises when we perform high intensity exercises and in a short time.
The difference between a person who runs long distances and a person who starts to run is that we will have to start making a previous work of muscle toning where we will focus on the muscular groups mentioned above. Not to mention the sessions of cardiovascular work What will we do in the treadmill and in the elliptical, always tutored by our coaches / res staff and room technicians. From here, we will increase the intensity of the training sessions and we will lower the distances.

Base training
After doing a good one warming up With approximately 15-20 minutes we will begin with different types of interval training.
Fund racer:
- Run 600 meters and walk 200, this will repeat 2 hits.
- Run 800 meters and walk 400, this will repeat 2 hits.
We will rest between series and series about 8 minutes to make a recovery and eliminate lactic acid to return to the next series.
Rookie / Novice:
- Run 200 meters and walk 100, this will repeat 2 hits.
- Run 300 meters and walk 100, this will repeat 2 hits.

This basic training can be done after a training without much muscle load. For example: the funders, after having done 4-5 kilometers without much effort and for runners after a directed class,. Thus we will have the heated muscles and ready to perform the specific training of the Mile.
And to finish, stretch. It takes a lot of importance to go back disconnect the muscles, relax it to avoid possible injuries and to keep it ready for the next workout.

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Health and run!

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