Pilates Exercises for Athletes

Núria Carmona | Olga Barbero

January 30, 2019

La Núria, Club Claror's technique, explains how you can incorporate Pilates into your sports routine and improve your performance.

Athletes tend to accumulate muscle imbalances.
So in the case of r, due to repetitive movements, the stress that suffer from the joints, and the rewards that the body seeks to stabilize when the famous fatigue appears.
In the case of cyclists, where in addition to the previous problems, we add the static position, where the muscles become short in legs and pectorals.
Or in sports like the tennis, paddle, golf, hockey, among others, which are unilateral sports, where one side of the body works. If we have a weak muscle, the body will find the way to compensate it, which will cause injuries for excessive use.

And here Pilates enters. Below we will show you a series of exercises where you can Improve lumbopelvic stabilization and postural correction.

Exercise 1
This first exercise is used to stabilize the hip. It is proved that a weakness in this area of ​​the muscles causes future problems in knees and ankles.
The most important thing is to stabilize this pelvis and keep it parallel to the ground. Continue to maintain glutes, hamstrings and abdominal band activated.

Exercise 2
A squat combo plus rotation of the ridge, but we add an implement of the foam roller so that you work more in balance. In this third year, the objectives will be: to maintain the stabilization of the lumbar, the knee and ankle aligned, and a good activation of the posterior chain. Keep an abdominal band and gluteal activated at all times.

I encourage you to try it, and if you want more, we look forward to the Pilates class.

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the authors

Núria Carmona

Specialist in Pilates and Total Barre

Female artistic gymnast trainer, pilates instructor, I am also a specialist in Pre and Post-part, hypopressive instructor and Totalbarre.

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Olga Barbero

Responsible for communication, image and marketing of Can Caralleu and Coordinator of the Claror Magazine

Postgraduate in Business Communication (UPF), Postgraduate Diploma in Editorial Techniques (UB), Degree in Philosophy and Arts (UB)

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