We explain the best activities to tone the silhouette

Sergi Mateu

January 28, 2015

Muscle tone is the degree of tension that has a muscle, so the toning activities are those that increase the degree of tension in the muscles. There are currently different toning activities in all fitness centers that, more locally or globally, work on different parts of the body.

Some of these activities are choreographed with music and others use music as a support only, without having to follow a specific rhythm. Another characteristic of these activities is that they use very diverse material, such as bars and dumbbells or medicinal balls, gums, elastic straps, wrists or ankles and all kinds of tools that increase the intensity of the work.

It is important to note that for work to be effective the intensity must be moderate or high. The discharge is the most effective, and removes the client from its comfort zone to cause some adaptations in the muscular strings worked.

Among the most popular we can find the following:

As the acronyms indicate, it focuses on the work of glutes, abs and legs. It is a non-choreographed activity in which very diverse material is used to focus muscular work on these body parts, with a variable length of between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It is one of the star activities in many fitness centers because it responds to the demands of a large part of the public, mostly women, who wants to do a good job but only in those areas.

The session can first treat the work of the legs, then the glutis and finish with the abdominals, or the work of each of the parts can be interspersed. Circuit training usually works very well in this mode, where a job is executed for a certain time before moving on to another exercise.

It is usually a fun class, very adaptable to the type of audience, in which each session can be different from the previous one, fleeing the monotony.

The Mills brand has among its activities the CXWORX, which focuses its work in 30 minutes on the CORE, understanding CORE as if we swallowed our arms and legs in our body. It is an activity of high intensity and choreographed, where in each of the songs that make up the choreography an area is exercised, from the different abdominal and lumbar portions to the glutes.

In this class discs, elastic gums and their own body weight are used.

Body Pump
Another of the activities of the brand Les Mills and the most popular in the world. It is a choreographed activity that, using bars with discs, dumbbells and body weight, works the whole body in a global way, trying on each of the songs that make up the program a part of the body. Thus, the work focuses on large muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, pectorals, ridges, deltoids, abs, biceps, triceps ... Unlike other modalities, the whole body works in the same session, which is It allows each user to adapt the weight to lift according to their fitness level.

Les Mills activities, both the CXWORX and the Body Pump and the rest of the brand's modalities, follow the same choreography for about three months before proposing a new choreography. This aspect can be monotonous, since only a slight variation of some song is introduced during this period. Another aspect to note is that there is a high number of repetitions of each exercise and the intensity with which each muscle works is not elevated, which makes it an activity indicated for all types of public.

The classes can be one hour, 45 and 30 minutes in the express modes. Total caloric intake is high.

Acronyms that indicate High Intensity Interval Training. It has been the star activity on 2014 and the second modality of the 2015 is foreseen. These are short-term, but high-intensity intervillary workouts. Working time varies between 10 and 45 according to maximum intensity (between 90% and 95% of maximum heart rate), with recovery periods ranging from 10 to 45 seconds (between 70% and the 75% of the FCM).

This type of activity has brought about a true revolution, as it has been demonstrated by scientific studies that during reduced working hours, excellent results are achieved.

Among the most popular are CrossFit, Tabata or Fit 90. They are non-choreographed classes in which global movements work throughout the body intensively in a period of 30 minutes using all kinds of material, such as medicinal balls, strings, balloons, kettlebels, bars and discs, TRX, bars of Traction, parallels, plyometric platforms, among many others, or body weight, among the many gymnastic exercises that are carried out.

In this type of classes, movements like the dominated ones, push-ups, squats, dead weight, loaded, boots, multisalts, racing or burping are repeated.

In addition to working the strength and power, these types of classes involve high cardiovascular work, so that they constitute one of the most complete activities that exists today.

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